Gone are the days of buying tacky Australian souvenirs. Say hello to our new curated British and Australian shop! We've specifically found awesome presents you'll not only want to send home, but keep for yourself too.

From decent cards to brilliant gifts for kids and even mugs to take to work, we've found some of the best Australian and British inspired gifts out there. We've made sure the majority of these products are light and small enough to put in your luggage when you fly back home or easy to send in the post.

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Welcome to our Shop All page. Here you’ll find absolutely everything in our shop right here.


Sydney Men’s Retro T-Shirt

This awesome men’s retro Sydney t-shirt comes in two colours and goes up to a 3 XL.


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Sydney Monopoly Game


Monopoly is everyone’s favourite game so why not buy the Sydney Monopoly version! This is a great gift to take home, especially if you’re visiting family & friends during the Christmas period!

Find out more about this gift on Amazon by clicking on the Buy Now link below!

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Sydney Opera House Pop Up Card


We love how different this Sydney Opera House Card is compared to what you might find in a shop. Send this to your loved one and they’ll love it too!

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Sydney Personalised Print


This awesome drawing of Sydney can be personalised if you wish to include the dates when you visited or lived here as a piece of memorabilia to keep forever.

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Sydney Retro T-Shirt


How cool is this retro looking Sydney t-shirt? If you’re looking for a souvenir or want to buy a present to take home, this T-shirt is a winner from us!

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Sydney Skyline Card


We love the detailing in this card that you certainly won’t find anything like this in the shops in Sydney!

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Sydney Skyline T-Shirt


A great alternative to the rubbish tourist t-shirts out there. This Sydney t-shirt comes in 4 colours and goes up to a 4XL.

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Sydney T-shirt


This cool Sydney t-shirt can be worn so many ways, but we’d prefer it worn with our favourite denim shorts, converse and a hat.

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Vintage Sydney Print


Buy this stunning vintage inspired Sydney print for your own home or for someone who loves Sydney.

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Wrebbit Sydney Opera House 925 Piece 3D Puzzle


Looking for an awesome Sydney puzzle gift for someone? It doesn’t get much better than this brilliant puzzle that would suit anyone from kids to adults!

Find out more about this Sydney puzzle we found on Amazon buy clicking on the Buy Now link below!

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You Had Me At I’m Australian Mug


Got an Aussie partner too? This mug is a brilliant present or gift to keep for yourself!

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