Gone are the days of buying tacky Australian souvenirs... Say hello to our new curated British and Australian affiliate shop! We've specifically found awesome presents you'll not only want to send home, but to keep for yourself too.

From decent cards to brilliant gifts for kids and even mugs to take to work, we've found some of the best Australian and British inspired gifts out there.

We've made sure the majority of these products are light and small enough to put in your luggage when you fly back home or easy to send in the post.

Prints For Your Home

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Beautiful Bondi Icebergs Print


Bondi is such a beautiful place to photograph but sometimes we might not capture it the way a professional photographer does. Put this print up on your wall and spend the day dreaming of being back at Icebergs as soon as possible.

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Bondi Beach Print

How gorgeous is this Bondi Beach print? Put this up in your home no matter where you are in the world. We could look at this and daydream all day long!

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Coogee Beach Summer Print


Dreaming of sitting back on Coogee Beach during the Summer? Put this print up in your home or send it to someone who has a special place in their heart for this iconic Sydney beach.

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Cooper, The Koala Print

We love the zoo animal print series by Yago Partal! Buy this awesome print to send or take home as […]

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Gorgeous Manly Print


If you have big love for Manly, why not put this on your wall at home or if you have a loved one that had a special time there, this would make a great gift for them.

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Gorgeous Set Of 4 Baby Australian Animals Prints


This gorgeous set of 4 prints of baby Australian animals is perfect for any room in your home, or to send back to your loved ones.


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Gorgeous Sydney Poster


This beautiful Sydney poster will go well in any home. It’s a great gift you can send in the post to loved one’s back home, or why not keep it for yourself?

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Hand Drawn Map of London

How amazing is this hand drawn map of London by British Artist, Jenni Sparks? Although we’re only showing you a small glimpse of this epic map which includes almost all of zone 1 and zone 2 of London, make sure you check out the entire map by clicking ‘buy now’.

It’s the type of print everyone will spend hours looking at how fascinating London really is which includes transport links for anyone who needs to get their bearings. The detail in this map is absolutely exceptional.


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Hand Drawn Map of Melbourne

How amazing is this hand drawn Melbourne map by British artist, Jenni Sparks? Find all of the famous spots as well as local hidden gems, coffee shops and much more in this incredible map. You’ll spend hours staring at it to see all of the highly detailed landmarks which have been created for this masterpiece.

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Hand Drawn Map Of Sydney

This unbelievable map of Sydney took British artist Jenni Sparks 4 months of intensive research to create. Honestly, it’s incredible! Click on the ‘Buy Now’ link to see the entire map in all its glory.

It’s the type of present any fan of Sydney will love. I’m gonna order one myself! 🙂

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Henry, The Wombat Print

We love the zoo animal print series by Yago Partal. Pick up Henry The Wombat, a perfect print to send home as a classic but also modern Australian gift or keep it to hang in your own home as a statement piece.

You can choose between a light blue background and the one pictured in the image.

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I Love You From Here To Australia Print


We love this beautiful print that will bring any home to life. It’s also easy to download making it a perfect gift for a loved one or for yourself.

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Iconic Bondi Print


Treat yourself to an iconic Bondi Icebergs print for your own home or for a loved one’s home. This will bring a light, fresh feel to your home and will make you want to come back to Bondi as soon as possible.

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Kids Australia Map Poster


Want to teach children all about Australia? This awesome poster will show kids where animals live and food is grown all over the country. It might teach us adults a bit too 🙂

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London Map Print


There’s so many landmarks in London that this awesome print is perfect for anyone who loves the city as well as good for teaching kids everything about England’s capital city.

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Minimalist London Print


Are you someone who prefers a more minimalistic approach to wall art? This stunning London skyline print comes in various colours and sizes.

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