Gone are the days of buying tacky Australian souvenirs. Say hello to our new curated British and Australian shop! We've specifically found awesome presents you'll not only want to send home, but keep for yourself too.

From decent cards to brilliant gifts for kids and even mugs to take to work, we've found some of the best Australian and British inspired gifts out there. We've made sure the majority of these products are light and small enough to put in your luggage when you fly back home or easy to send in the post.

Gifts for Kids

Finally you don’t need to buy kids rubbish presents anymore to take back home. I know I’ve scoured Paddy’s Market to buy cheap presents that are clearly terrible. We’ve found some of the best presents for children in Australia that you can not only teach kids more about where you now live or visited, they will be able to keep these for years to come.


Alphabetical Sydney Kids Book


This popular children’s book is the perfect gift for anyone wanting to teach kids all about Sydney.

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Australia Monopoly Board Game

Do you have a friend who loves Australia? Why not buy them everyone’s favourite board game – Monopoly the Australian version!

Find out more about this gift we found on Amazon by clicking on the Buy Now link below.

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Australia Onesie


This gorgeous onesie features a map of Australia and comes in white or grey.

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Australia Scrabble


Did you know you can buy an Aussie versions of everyone’s favourite game, Scrabble? This is great fun for the whole family and perfect if you have friends and family visiting you.

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Australia Travel Guide For Kids


Discover everything about Australia in this awesome travel guide for kids!

You’ll learn all about Australian history, geography, flags, wildlife, symbols, culture and more!


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Awesome Kids Suitcase Cover


We LOVE this Finding Nemo inspired suitcase cover. Your kids will be the envy of other families. It will also be easy to find your suitcase when the conveyer belt starts up in the airport 🙂

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Cute Baby Kangaroo Outfit


How cute is this kangaroo outfit?

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Expat Kid Onesie


Calling all expats, this is your go to onesie for a new born baby.

We love this adorable onesie! If you’re looking for something similar, check out our listing for the kids tshirt in this print too!

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Expat Kid T-Shirt


We absolutely love this kids expat tshirt, a brilliant gift for expats! If you’re an expat, why not buy one for your kids too?

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Gorgeous Set Of 4 Baby Australian Animals Prints


This gorgeous set of 4 prints of baby Australian animals is perfect for any room in your home, or to send back to your loved ones.


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Kids Australia Map Poster


Want to teach children all about Australia? This awesome poster will show kids where animals live and food is grown all over the country. It might teach us adults a bit too 🙂

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Large Scratch Off Map of Australia

Everyone loves a scratch off map! Perfect to keep at home and mark off when you go to visit places around Australia or to send back for family to keep track of your travels.


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London Map Print


There’s so many landmarks in London that this awesome print is perfect for anyone who loves the city as well as good for teaching kids everything about England’s capital city.

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Made in Sydney onesie


A perfect present for a new born baby born in Sydney. This beautiful onesie will make a unique present for those living in Sydney.

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Peppa Pig: Peppa Goes To London


If you’re living in England and want to send your loved on living abroad some kids books then we recommend Peppa Pig: Peppa Goes To London so they can learn all about where you live.

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Peppa Pig: Peppa Loves Australia


The perfect Peppa Pig: Peppa Loves Australia book to teach kids all about why you love Australia so much! We’re snapping up this one straight away!

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