Gone are the days of buying tacky Australian souvenirs... Say hello to our new curated British and Australian affiliate shop! We've specifically found awesome presents you'll not only want to send home, but to keep for yourself too.

From decent cards to brilliant gifts for kids and even mugs to take to work, we've found some of the best Australian and British inspired gifts out there.

We've made sure the majority of these products are light and small enough to put in your luggage when you fly back home or easy to send in the post.

Books & Cards

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4 Sydney Eastern Suburbs Cards


We love the design of these custom made Eastern Suburbs cards. Gone are the days of boring cards and here’s some to keep when you need one to send back home to your family.

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4 Sydney Northern Beaches Cards


We love these Sydney Northern Beaches cards. Buy these and you’ll have 4 cards to keep on hand when you need one to send back home.

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4 Sydney Sutherland Shire Cards


If you live in the Sutherland area, here’s a unique chance to buy these beautiful cards to send back home. You get a pack of 4 so you’ve always got one if you need it.

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Australia’s Ultimate Bucket List: The Top 100 Places You Should See In Your Lifetime

Ever wondered what the ultimate Australia bucket list looks like? Check out this awesome book we’ve found on Amazon and start planning your trip right now!

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Cockney Rhyming Slang Wrapping Paper

We love this cockney rhyming slang wrapping paper by British artist Jenni Sparks.


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London Red Bus Pop Up Card


How awesome is this London bus card? This will surely surprise your loved one and it’s the type of card we’d send to everyone!

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Sydney Harbour Bridge Pop Up Card


This Sydney Harbour Bridge pop up card will surprise the person you’re sending it to. A unique card that’s surely hard to find in the shops is right here for you to buy from your home now.

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Sydney in Photos

Love Sydney and want a reminder of how beautiful it is? Why not take a look at this awesome Sydney in Photo’s book by Tim Denoodle we found on Amazon for you.

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Sydney Opera House Pop Up Card


We love how different this Sydney Opera House Card is compared to what you might find in a shop. Send this to your loved one and they’ll love it too!

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Sydney Skyline Card


We love the detailing in this card that you certainly won’t find anything like this in the shops in Sydney!

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This is Home: Essential Australian Poems for Children

Looking for an Australian gift for children? Look no further! We love this Essential Australian Poems For Children Book by Jackie French. It doesn’t only make a unique gift for kids but it’s a beautiful book you can keep for ever.

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