As this is my first food review, I wanted to start off by raving on about this amazing café based on Enmore Road in Sydney’s Inner West. A good friend of mine has recently changed her diet to eating plant based raw food and it intrigued me so much that I have started to dabble in it as well. After living out of a backpack for the last year, it’s very hard to find healthy food. I don’t know why these backpacker places think that all you want to eat is burger&chips all the time but once we landed back in Australia, I knew I had to change my diet. Now Australia has without a doubt got THE best food in the world. The veggies and fruit are the freshest I have ever tasted so why not a better place and time to try out this new craze of Raw Food. (see here for a more detailed post on raw)

I found Sadhana Kitchen online. It’s one of, if not THE best Raw Café in Sydney. They always mix up their menu from week to week and best of all you can even order a lunch box to be delivered to your desk during the week. Also on the menu is a Raw Afternoon Tea and they do a 7 course Degustation on a Friday night which I really need to try out!!

This time I went in there, Steve & I took his mum Jean along for her first Raw Food Café experience. Now Jean looooves her meat and reckons she would never be able to survive without it everyday so this was a bit of an eye opening experience for her. This is what we had:

Lunch – Raw Pad Thai made out of zucchini’s

Raw Lasange made out of zucchinis, walnuts and tomato based mince with a cashew blended cream sauce

Taco’s made out of big lettuce blankets with a walnut mince.

All three were spectacular ranging around $16-$18 each.

Dessert – One of the best things about coming here are the desserts. Guilt-free and ridiculously amazing! We had the apple & cranberry cake, beetroot & vanilla cake and the ‘out of this world’ caramel slice all ranging from $6-$8.

This place is completely awesome and everyone should try it out!!!

Sadhana Kitchen – Raw Café
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