I love finding new healthy cafes in Sydney and it’s no surprise Proteini in Surry Hills came up with the goods. I’ve been hearing about this cafe for a while now on Instagram and when a friend of mine suggested we go, I jumped on the offer. I love sharing my experiences of great cafes in Sydney so here’s my Proteini Cafe review.

proteini cafe review

This healthy cafe is all about targeting people on the go so with their app designed for you to pre order, it’s convenience to pick up your breakfast or lunch is perfect for those of us with busy lives. Based just off Oxford Street on Crown Street, it’s location is right in the city with a quieter feel. When I visited this cafe, it really felt like I was out in another suburb for it’s peacefulness and organic feel. With seating inside and out, it’s a great spot for a quick lunch during the week and a long breakfast on the weekend.


Beautiful salads to buy on the go



What food did we have?

The thing I really liked about Proteini is that they make their food with a lot of love which really echoed in the flavour. Their food is all locally sourced, homemade, and best of all gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, sugar free with many vegan and paleo dishes. The best part is the price. Usually with great healthy food comes a bit of a price tag yet they’ve kept their meals to around the $16 mark and Wednesday-Friday mornings smoothies are just $7.

proteini smoothie bowl

Cacao and Macha Smoothie Bowl 

Super Bowl at Proteini

Super Bowl with Chicken, pumpkin, sesame seeds and Paleo Bread 

I had the smoothie bowl and my friend and the super bowl. My smoothie bowl was awesome and made me feel ready to take on anything! My friend had the super bowl which looked incredible and I’ll definitely be going back to have this next time.

As we paid up, I picked up a super cheap raw brownie for just $4.50 which was really great as well. It’s rare to find a raw cake for that cheap anywhere in the city and it be amazing as well.

raw brownie

All up, yep I’d recommend heading to Proteini next time you’re looking for a breakfast or lunch spot – it’s an absolute gem!

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Proteini Cafe Review
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