We all know it can take a long time to find a decent hairdressers so I thought I’d let you in on how I’ve found the best hairdresser in Sydney and how I repaired my damaged bleached hair.

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Read on to find out who cut and styled this beauty 

I must admit, I’ve been really bad to my hair over the last few years. I had my hair bleached before I returned to Australia back in early 2014. I thought I was being clever by bleaching it myself from there on and therefore saving loads of money. At first it worked out well and I thought “wow, look how much I’m saving, this is really easy” but the reality was after bleaching my hair for about six months, it started to fall out from over bleaching. I kept going to different salons around Sydney and although they did advise not to keep bleaching it, I did regardless. Bleaching your own hair is so much harder than you think, I wouldn’t ever advise doing it yourself.

I then found a British male hair stylist on Instagram called Paul Anthony so I called him up and went to his salon based in Potts Point. It felt like a good idea because I thought a British hairdresser would know how to cut short hair because the majority of women over here have long hair in Sydney. I am always surprised when returning to England, seeing so many women with amazing short cuts because you just don’t see it in Sydney.

So when I saw Paul for the first time back in April 2015, he was so shocked at the condition of my hair (and little of it) that he gave me the wake up call I needed – I couldn’t bleach it again. What really struck me was his passion for hair, he was so angry I had done this that he actually got a bit upset. I went home that day pretty deflated and knew that yes my hair was in a big state. He did however do the best haircut I had had for a long time even though there wasn’t a lot he could do with it.

Because I had finally found a great hairdresser in Sydney, I felt comfortable in listening to Paul’s advice so I left my hair for 3 months, a long time for someone who bleached it every 3 weeks. Finding a good hairdresser meant that I knew I could potentially have some awesome cuts in the future. Paul then eventually put highlights in. See the before and after pics 3 months after I had my first cut!

Paul Anthony Hair salon Sydney

I left my hair to grow out the bleach for 3 months (on the left). After Paul’s cut on the right.

 I went pink a few times to cover up the strong contrast of root and bleach too.


It was only in December 2015 that Paul could do a full head bleach again when he was happy with the condition of it. It took perseverance but I knew I didn’t have much of a choice. I am so pleased I listened to him because I’ve been able to restore my hair and now have a great cut and colour.

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Paul cutting my hair in January 2016

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My most recent cut with Paul, January 2016

 Paul is an awesome hairdresser and as a perfectionist, he will spend time on your hair and won’t let you leave until he’s 100% happy with it which is a massive difference to many other salons I’ve been to. There’s nothing worse than your stylist being told their next client is waiting and you feel like you are being rushed out the door. He was recently featured in GQ magazine as one of the Top 3 Barber shops in Sydney so you know he can also cut men’s hair incredibly well. He also does some awesome hair colours too, check out some of his recent cuts and colours below.

Paul Anthony Salon Sydney


Paul Anthony Male Salon

A Toni & Guy hair stylist visited Paul for a cut

He blends a balayage/ombre completely spot on like below;

Ombre Paul Anthony Salon


So there you go, I’ve let you all in on the best hair salon in Sydney! I always make sure I let you guys know of the best gems in Sydney!! Did I also mention, Paul charges realistic prices for the average person? You’re looking at $100 for a ladies cut, I know I’ve paid up to $140 at other salons before.

For more information about Paul’s salon click here.

Paul Anthony’s Instagram pages: Women Of Paul Anthony and Men of Paul Anthony

And Facebook here

Update: you can find my new favourite hair salon here, and it’s a British Salon as well! 

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Paul Anthony Hair Salon
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