I’ve decided to write a post about New Year’s resolutions because for me to have something written down which I’ve openly expressed to my followers is the best motivation to make sure they happen. I’ve not really been one to make resolutions before but I really feel that 2016 will be full of success for the heart and health. So this is what I have in mind to make sure happens in no particular order.

1. Give up alcohol for the year


Some friend’s of ours have recently completed a year of no alcohol whatsoever. I love that what they learnt in that year and how they have no desire to go back on to that lifestyle, read it here. I have been thinking about it for a while and for someone who has eased off my partying way over the last 2 years, I’ve decided to call it quits. Why? On the few occasions I have drank in the last year, I hated the way it made me feel afterwards. I can barely remember a night out that made me think “wow, having a hangover was so worth it”. I also didn’t like that alcohol is infact a poison. In reality, this is actually one of the worst things anyone can put in their body. So yep, alcohol and I are no longer friends.

 2. Start 2016 with a 10 day juice cleanse and become Vegan 


This time last year I did my first 10 day juice cleanse (see here). It was incredibly hard but by far the best thing I have ever done to start the year. I felt amazing and became vegan afterwards for about 2 months until one day I felt like having a chicken schnitzel for dinner. Yep, it was that simple and after that point I went back to Chicken and Fish but remained off the dairy.

My partner, Steve has wanted to become Vegan for a while now and after recently watching documentaries like Cowspiracy and Forks Over Knives, it was clear that we had to make this lifestyle change. Learning that it takes 2 months worth of water from taking showers to make 1 burger for example, this planet is going off the scale. Animal agriculture is killing this Earth and it’s time to put my stamp on making a difference.

I am currently on my 10 day juice cleanse and feeling pretty good already (you’ll see a post soon about my experience second time round soon!).

3. Exercise more and do another half marathon


Last year I started the year well. I cycled every morning for an hour and then ran 7km at lunch time 5 days a week. I was focused and full of energy and life. It was awesome. I set myself a goal of running my first ever half marathon (something I never thought I could ever do as pictured above) and I did it in amazing time for me at 2:22. I felt great and then slipped off the bandwagon when I got another job which became my only focus from April onwards. With my new bike (see here) I’ve started to ride to work. I intend to keep this up for the entire year, go running when I can and join a gym or group fitness class (which I have a fear of, more to come on that subject soon!) to become more toned and lean.

5. Do really well with work and my blog

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Now I’ve got my health in order, I find that when I eat really well and exercise, this makes me be at my happiest and focused I can be. By keeping this up, I intend to do incredibly well in my career and progress to my best advantage.

I find it hard to balance the job, general life and keep up with this blog. I absolutely love writing this blog and hearing from you all, there’s nothing better to me than being able to help you all who are making the big move over to Australia. I plan to write at least 2 blog posts a week to keep it fresh and up to date. I also plan to do a makeover on my blog and build more relationships with brands.

6. Start helping others


I have always had it in my heart to help others, it’s just with me and something I need to take action with. Obviously I love helping you all with moving over to Sydney with any advice I can offer, but I also want to help people who really need help in bettering their lives.

Steve and I helped a charity in Malawi called Butterfly Space when we went over there back in 2013 and we continue to do so now two years later. I edit and put together their e-newsletters and Steve updates their website we built when needed. I plan to help them more (see post here) as well as local charities. I would like spend my time in Sydney volunteering with the homeless. I can’t walk past homeless people pretending they aren’t there, because it’s just not right. For me, I feel that I need to do something, help in some way. So I’m going to research it out and volunteer the best I can do.

7. Save money


I can’t believe I have been back in Sydney for 2 years and have no savings. This is something I want to make sure that when 2016 comes to an end, I have saved at least $10,000. At least! I hate that everything has to revolve around money but my dreams won’t be happening until I start saving!

8. Learn to live a sustainable life

Veggie-Garden jpg

I want to get into gardening to be able to grow my own vegetables. I have never been a gardener or into gardening but I want to be able to be self sufficient for the future in leading a plant based diet that will be beneficial to the planet and to me that’s awesome!

Wow, writing this has made me realise what a different person I have become in just the last two years of living back in Sydney. One thing I absolutely love about Sydney is that the healthy lifestyle becomes so infectious! I think I remember seeing something that said you’ll most likely become Vegan when moving to Sydney – It’s so true! I really feel Sydney is way ahead of a lot of the world when it comes to healthy living.

So, this year I intend to be the healthiest I can be, as focused as possible with my job and blog, help people, save money and learn to become a vegetable growing gardener. Here goes to 2016!!

What are your New Year’s resolutions?

Thanks for reading

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