My favourite photo in Leh, India

I would like to share with you all my favourite photograph which was randomly taken of me in India in 2011.

I had gone up to the Northern part of India right in the heart of the Himalayas to a beautifully stunning town called Leh. It was the perfect time of the year to visit as early September meant the local festival was on for two weeks at the end of their summer. Now this town was 3000 metres up from sea level and seeing as I flew into there from Delhi it did take me by surprise on how thin and what felt extremely limited the air was.

After a few days recovery and acclimatisating, I met some new friends and climbed up higher to the top of the old Palace which marks the centre of the town. When we finally reached the top, I got one of the guys to take a photo of me doing a mandatory jump in the air shot. When we decided to climb higher to a Stoopa on the top of a  mountain further up, we bumped into a random backpacker. She recognised me as the girl she took a photo of and it turned out she managed to capture the exact same timing as the guy who took my photograph. She took my email and a few months later I received this in my inbox!

I just love this photo, I always think it makes me look like I am on another planet or something. With the vast mountains in the background, it is obvious that this place is and feels like another world. It is also a very special place which I hold close to my heart as this was the town where I got together with my boyfriend Steve. Well we actually went on a hike up in the Himalayas but this was the nearest town to where we shared our first kiss higher up from sea level at 4000 metres up (this was an exhausting experience!)

Anyway, hope you all like the contrast in the two photos below. Crazy hey!!