There are so many things I love about Sydney such as the beaches, the harbour and it’s all round beauty, but if I had to name one thing that I’ve found difficult to get my head around, it has to be public transport. Train lines don’t exist in many popular areas – I mean you can’t even get a direct train to Bondi Beach!! I found that unless you have a car, it can take ages to get anywhere. What should take twenty minutes in a car can take up to an hour via public transport.


Even though riding the London Tube wasn’t exactly a highlight of my day when I lived there, it’s definitely something I have realised how good it actually was. Knowing there is a tube station pretty much everywhere in London and having to wait only minutes for the next tube, I always knew I didn’t have to worry about getting around the city.

I’ve been in Sydney for five years now and I still have problems using public transport. Knowing how to get to some of the basic places still baffles me. If there’s no train then how will I know about what bus to get, if there is one?! It sure is confusing. Even where I live now, it’s either a 30 minute walk to the nearest train station or a 30 minute cycle to get to actually get to work, which is why I always cycle.


What my journey to work currently looks like!

If you’re wondering how to use public transport in Sydney, recently global public transport app called TripChecker launched in Sydney after its success in the US and UK. This genius app offers live bus, train and ferry information for Sydney, from as north as Newcastle and as south as Wollongong. It’s made by Urban Things, the developers of London’s first live bus times app called BusChecker which has had 2 million downloads and was ranked the top travel app in the UK in 2011 and 2012. And it’s not hard to see why it’s done so well because when I found out about their new app, Trip Checker, it has literally changed it all for me.

how-to-get-around-sydney-1 The app features live route maps, smarter journey planning and real time disruption information. Just type in where you want to go and it will bring up a list and a map of the nearest buses, trains and ferrys.




One thing I really love about this app is that it will even wake you up when you get to your stop if you’ve fallen asleep. This is something I wish I had long, long ago!! I can’t remember how many times I’ve seen people fast asleep on trains.


Using Tripchecker to get to my next destination in Sydney!


Having brunch at Thelma & Louise, Neutral Bay and using TripChecker to find my way to continue on with my weekend!

Here’s How To Use TripChecker Below

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Trip Checker is available to download for free from App Stores today – see

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