Do you ever wake up on a Friday in a panic knowing you are going out for drinks after work that evening yet you have no idea what to wear? This happens to me more often than I’d like to think… I hate the thought of having to lug my work clothes around on a night out on the town and what’s more annoying is deciding what to wear. I do like to take advantage of these times when I can wear that part of my wardrobe that I know I can’t wear to work so having an opportunity to wear my outfits (and I hate to admit this) is one of my favourite parts of going out. I love dressing up so given any opportunity I’ll jump on the chance yet I always seem to leave it to the last minute in deciding what to wear.

So, what I’ve learnt over the years is to wear most of the same outfit I’d wear to work but to change one item to make it more after work drinks/dinner appropriate. Seeing as it is Friday today (my favourite day of the week!) I thought I’d let you how I dress for a Friday after work drinks outfit.

I absolutely love this outfit. As you know I’m a big fan of all white outfits and here is no exception. I wear the skirt and shoes a lot to work but I wouldn’t wear this top because it’s a bit much. I’ll usually always wear the same shoes to work and if I’m going out afterwards because lets face it, shoes take up the most room in a bag. So I’ll team the bottom half of this outfit with a thin long sleeved top or the other part to this co-ord (see here for this post) so I know it will roll up nice and small to put in my bag and then as soon as 5 o’clock hits, I’ll change into this gorgeous corset peplum top I found on asos. I wanted this top for a while but it was sold out. I find if you save the item you like on your asos account even if it is sold out and then go back every so often to check up on it, it will be in stock at some point. I bought this top a few months ago back in Winter knowing it would be perfect for those summer evenings. It’s incredibly versatile even though I bought it originally to pair with my navy Zara trousers. I do love a bit of navy and white together! I am not that stringent when it comes to what I buy as in I don’t usually buy something thinking I will only wear it with one other item. I’ll usually buy something I really like and then think about what it will go with later. I’ll try a few random combo’s to see what works and I’d like to think this outfit works quite well. I’ve teamed the simple white-on-white with a small gold belt as I like metallics and white together.

White Peplum Top – asos $60 (similar here)

White Midi Skirt – Zara sale, Sydney $50 (similar here)

White Shoes – asos, $47 (buy here although they snapped after two wears so I bought these from Topshop instead which are way nicer)

Gold belt – Primark, London $4