Episode 3: That time we moved back to England and became Ping Pong Poms

In this episode we talk about what it was like when we moved back to England after living in Australia for 7 years. We’ll share why we only lasted 6 months before we decided to move back to Australia.

As an expat in Australia, I know only too well how difficult it can be to live so far from home. While we miss all of the good things about home, it’s easy to forget how it can be challenging too.

When I moved back to England, due to unforeseen circumstances, it just didn’t work out for us and ultimately while I tried to re-create my old life, I realised I had moved on and that Australia had changed me.

If you’re moving from UK to Australia or thinking about moving from Australia to London for example, find out what made us move back to Australia within just 6 months.

We’ll also talk about what it was like trying to find a house and job, and of course the dreaded commute to work. We’ll also talk about things we had missed about England but also seeing Australia totally differently.

We also talk about how Annie went back just 9 months later to visit a friend in England after moving back to Australia again and realised so much about how it might be better to live in Australia and visit UK going forward.

But how does Annie feel now? Find out what she would do different if we were to do it all again.

You can read all about how we only lasted six months in Australia here: https://londonerinsydney.com/why-were-moving-back-to-australia-after-living-back-in-england-for-6-months/

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