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We’re looking to build Londoner In Sydney as the go to guide for people moving to and living all across Australia and we would love to include your stories too.

Unfortunately we don’t accept guest posts from agencies looking for a do follow link.

Posts we’re looking for

We’d love to hear from any Australian peeps and expats from any country who are living in / or who used to live in Australia. The idea is to share you stories, amazing places you’ve visited, favourite go to spots, things to do and hidden gems you’ve come across to inspire our readers.

If you’ve ever wanted to share your story, this is a great platform to do it.

Here’s some posts we already have on Londoner In Sydney


Here’s a few ideas to help you

  • Moving to Australia – tell us about your experience
  • Hidden gems in your area – we love hearing about awesome places you’ve found in Australia
  • Top things to do – do you have countless ideas of the best things to do in your city?
  • Best holidays in Australia
  • Best holiday ideas outside of Australia – we want to inspire new expats of the amazing holidays outside of Australia too.
  • Aussies that have moved to England – tell us about your experience
  • Brits who have moved back to UK – was it the right decision?

What you’ll need to do

Send us your blog idea first as we want to make sure it works on the site.

Once accepted you’ll need to send us copy with at least 1000 words, and 5 of your own images (1920×1280 pixels). Plus, we’ll need your bio of just a couple of sentences about who you are.

You’ll also need to sign up to Gravatar here and add in a profile image so we can include your bio in the post.

This will look like the below.

Why write a post on Londoner In Sydney?

Londoner In Sydney is a great platform to share your ideas, thoughts and stories about living in Australia. We see over 130,000 readers a month and are looking for more people to inspire others too.

Although we can’t pay you at the moment, we are more than happy to link the article to your own blog, or social media account. We’ll also share on our own social accounts to raise awareness of the post.

Unfortunately we don’t accept guest posts from agencies looking for a do follow link.

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