A British Hair Salon In Sydney

One thing that’s really, really, hard to find in Sydney is a decent salon. Seriously. It is hard. After having a fantastic hairdresser in London for 8 years, it was always going to be a struggle to find someone who could actually cut a decent short haircut and do a bleach really well, let alone make me feel comfortable in the 3 hours I was going to have to spend there every 8 weeks.

Let’s backtrack to a few month’s ago…

I decided a change was in need and decided to try out supposedly the best known salon in Sydney. I felt like I was in a totally bizarre, twilight zone seeing every single girl walk out with the same, very expensive haircut (I understand this is a Sydney thing, you know, how everyone wants to look the same). But, I found this place over-rated, intimidating for the 3 hours spent there and worst of all, I had to go back as I actually wasn’t that happy with the cut.

So then I tried another place, and ended up going home nearly 6 hours later in tears. My hair had been hacked to bits, and the colour was multiple colours of gold, yellow, purple and green. I had to go back for another 2 hours for them to sort it it out and to redo what was left of my hacked into haircut. By this point my hair was like straw, no, actually worse than that. I couldn’t even put a comb through it.

Next up I found the @signaturecolourist called Kelly , randomly on Instagram, and thought let’s give it a go at her salon, Our Place in Potts Point after seeing that she could actually do a good bleach. I actually had no idea if this would be a third time lucky situation, but I never expected what was to come…

The owners of Our Place salon, Clive and Kelly

Owners Clive Allwright and Kelly Grant opened the salon 7 years ago. Both British and from Northern England, these friends have both been in Sydney for a long time and met whilst working at another salon. Clive has had an interesting career and after randomly becoming a hairdresser, he ended up moving to Sydney and helped open the first Toni & Guy salon. He even worked with the the Mascolo family when they first opened the Toni & Guy salons back in the UK. He’s now also the global artistic director for the hair care brand MUK and currently flies all around Australia 3 days a week to present seminars to educate other salons. Kelly has also been a NSW finalist for the l’oreal colour trophy and is renowned for her signature foil techniques.

Kelly doing my bleach!

When you have a wealth of experience with the combination of Clive and Kelly, you know you’re in good hands. I could instantly tell they knew what they were doing just by watching them, which really gave me a good sigh of relief. Thank god, I’d finally found these guys! When I arrived at Our Place, Kelly instantly sorted out my colour, and Clive could see what a monstrosity of a haircut I had and sorted it out straight away. He didn’t even say anything about how bad it was and just got on with it.

One of the things I noticed instantly was how lovely this salon was. They’ve made a conscious effort not to have a reception desk as soon as you walk in, and so it’s literally like walking into someone’s house which is why they called the salon ‘Our Place‘. They know full well how intimidating some salons can be, and it’s something you won’t find here. I was even surprised that all the clients even talk to each other and it literally feels like you are hanging out at Clive and Kelly’s place. This is seriously the friendliest salon I’ve ever been to. I can’t wait to go back and hang out with them next time!

I also noticed that their staff are all British (they even have proper British tea on hand as well, PG Tips!) and a lot of their clients are British as well. I asked them how did everyone find out about this gem? Turns out, word of mouth has worked pretty well.

I also love the fact that this salon is a sustainable salon. That day I went in there, they taught me that they recycle pretty much everything for the Sustainable Salons group. From saving cut pony tails to make children’s wigs, of which they told me Australia is the number 1 country in the world to make wigs for children with cancer, to having bio degradable towels. The list literally goes on, and as a vegan, I couldn’t admire them more for what they are doing.


So the final question is… where is the before and after photo? Obviously, here it is – before on the left, after on the right!! Thanks to Clive stocking up on MUK hair care, it’s actually sorted out my destroyed hair and it’s finally going back to normal!!

And second time round, I decided to make a video of my time at the salon!

Here’s my latest before and after photo! It had been about 8 weeks since I last had it cut and bleached, and my god, didn’t it need some work!

So, not only do you have a salon that’s an awesome place to spend a few hours with people who actually know what they are doing, it’s also a sustainable salon. This is easily the best British salon in Sydney. You can thank me later for this gem of a find.

To find out more about Our Place Salon see here.

To book with Clive and Kelly book here.

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