I absolutely LOVE these African print shorts but there’s a bit of a story that goes with them…

I basically found the material in Malawi while I was living there in the beautiful town of Nkhata Bay. I thought the material would make an awesome pair of shorts so I had a local seamstress measure me up and make them which they got completely wrong!! I ended up having to throw them away but with a bit of material left over, when I headed to Vietnam, I knew the local people would have way better skills than the Malawians. After all most of Zara’s clothes are made in Vietnam so I thought I was onto a good thing. When I got them back ( in January), they actually fitted pretty well but since I have moved back to Sydney and changed my diet they became really big. Two more visits to a seamstress in Sydney’s Pitt St Mall and I can now finally wear this one off custom made pair of shorts made out of authentic African Chicenje.

If you go to Africa, make sure you stock up on chichenje – the local African material usually worn as a wrap around long skirt. They sell in metres and I think I paid $2 for 3 metres worth. African print never goes out of fashion in The West so I am personally gutted I didn’t stock up to have more items made. If you want something made while you are away, just find a picture on the net of what style of clothes you want and they will generally be able to make it for you. Better still, take in a piece of clothing you already have to be made the same and it makes life way easier for them.

I also took this pastel blue blouse on my travels and because I did my own hand washing whilst travelling, it’s stayed in good nip! The shoes are my trusted old Primark courts which are so comfy and versatile!

Shorts – Custom made material from Malawi $30 (including all the re-mades!)

Blouse – H&M bought in the UK £7.99 (approx AUS $16)

Shoes – Primark Sale £5 (approx AUS $10)

Sunglasses – Faux Ray Bans bought in Vietnam $2