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londoner-in-sydney-foundersHi there, we’re Annie & Steve and we started Londoner In Sydney back in 2014 as a guide to help expats moving to Australia.

Annie’s from UK and Steve is a Sydney man born and bred and we write honest reviews and experiences of our time living in Australia and travelling the world!

Here’s our story…

How Londoner In Sydney started

In 2013 we built a new website for a brilliant charity whilst we were travelling in Malawi, Africa. Annie has a digital marketing background and Stevo learnt how to build websites from scratch. We felt so honoured to build a new website for that charity that when we returned to Australia it was then when Annie decided to start a fashion blog.

You heard it right. Londoner In Sydney started as a fashion blog because yep, at the time Annie wanted to work in fashion. Little did she know that fashion blog would bore her so much, that within a year or two (who’s counting?!), Stevo convinced her to turn it into an expat guide for people moving to Australia.

The blog has forever since been our biggest passion.

Check out how I surprised Steve on his birthday with a trip to the Hunter Valley in NSW, Australia!

How did we meet?

Let’s take a little step back from the blog for a minute; we absolutely LOVE to travel. You know, we actually met during a meditation retreat in the Himalayas (in the town where the Dalai Lama lives) in India back in 2011. Annie had just started her six months trip around the world as she gave up the corporate London life and Stevo was at the end of his one year away.


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We were put into the same small group within the retreat where we had one hour a day to talk about Buddhist topics. It was there Annie started to have a crush on Stevo (because let’s face it, she has a thing for Aussie men) and fast forward to a few weeks later, we bumped into each other in the very North of India, right in the middle of the Himalayas. Stevo convinced Annie to go on a trek the next day and before we knew it, we shared our first kiss 4,000 metres above sea level right in the heart of the mountains.

Side note, trying to kiss that high up is actually pretty impossible!

So we spent three weeks infatuated with each other and travelled around India together. Annie’s visa unfortunately ran out and on our final day together in India we had thousands of Indians watch us whilst we had an emotional goodbye at Jaipur train station. Imagine people hanging out of the train doors, the windows, the top of the trains, on the platforms, everywhere. Everyone watched us and it felt like we were in our own movie as Annie got on the train to Agra with tears running down her face.

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Fast forward to a month later Annie was working in a tourist bar on Koh Tao island in Thailand and Stevo had been sunning himself on the Andaman Islands. One day we were both online at the same time and skyped each other. After three hours of talking, Annie convinced Stevo to come and visit her in Thailand before he was to embark on a teaching career in Taiwan.

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Within a few weeks, Stevo changed his plans at the last minute, told Annie he was coming to Bangkok in a few days time. So Annie fled her current trip around Cambodia and made a beeline back to Bangkok. It was then she knew it would be her final few days before spending the rest of her life with Stevo. Mind you, we only knew each other for a couple of months beforehand, but she just KNEW he was the one.

Meeting each other at Bangkok airport was literally like another scene from a movie. Annie jumped over the barriers at the arrivals gate and when Steve walked through, he flung his backpack off and they just ran towards each other. Hundreds of people watched on as we faced one of the most romantic moments of our lives!

From that day on, we’ve travelled to over 30 countries, spent pretty much every single day together and are now living our dream of inspiring others to travel and helping people with their move to Australia.

We also run a web design business too!

With Annie’s digital marketing background and Stevo’s web skills, we not only run this blog but we also run our own web design business called Switched On Web Design. We’ve built websites for well known Aussie bloggers, charities, florists, diving schools and more.

If you’re looking for a new web site, contact us here. 

What you’ll find on this blog


Since starting this blog back in 2011, Londoner In Sydney has seen over 1 million visitors, and has an audience of over 75,000 a month.

Check out our 16 hours in Singapore video below!

We’ve had countless emails from so many people thanking us for our destination guides around the world, our tips on moving to Australia and our guides on things to do down under as well.

Our aim is to help not only people moving to Australia but people who are also living in Australia. Don’t be fooled by thinking it’s just about the beach and BBQs; there’s much more going on to explore.

Start here

The best place to start on this blog is by taking a look at our Top 20 blog posts. Here you’ll find out what blogs are performing the best on this site.


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You’ll find honest experiences from Annie as an expat living in Australia as well as guest post articles from other expats as well. Steve is a Sydney man born and bred and knows it like the back of his hand. He provides lots of tips for your move to Aus as well.

Our mission is to turn this blog into THE expat guide to living in Australia. If you’re an expat living in Aus, please get in touch with us here. We’d love to hear from you and about your experiences and tips for living in Aus.

Moving to Australia?


If you’re moving to Australia and don’t know where to start, check out the following blogs as a good starting point. Annie originally came over with Steve on a tourist visa for 3 months. She then applied for the Defacto 820 Partner Visa and the rest is history. Now Annie has permanent residency which makes it a lot easier when going through customs at Sydney airport!

There are always going to be good and bad points about living anywhere in the world. We love Australia very much and this blog is all about the best things Australia has to offer.

Expect a life full of open spaces, beautiful beaches and the best food in the world!

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If you’re looking for things to do in Sydney, we’ve got you covered. Expect to find everything from the best afternoon tea in Sydney, to the best 18 hikes in Sydney and lots of weekend getaways.

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Thinking of moving back to UK?


We recently spent six months living back in UK. Whilst is was a bit of a dream for Annie as she missed the British charm, the pubs, the long summer nights and the countryside, unfortunately it just didn’t work out for us. So we blogged all about our time there and decided to move back to sunny Australia for good.

If you’ve come to Londoner In Sydney because you’re completely confused about whether moving back to UK is the right thing to do, check out these blogs below to hopefully make your decision a bit easier.

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Need some travel tips?

Steve’s travelled to over 60 countries and as Annie’s reaching the big 50, we’ve been really lucky to see some awesome places around the world.

And here’s a video of when we visited Maafushi island in Maldives

Between 2018-2019 we embarked on a 13 month trip around the world (with 6 months living back in UK above). Here’s some of the things we were lucky to experience on that trip!

We’ve dived with sharks in Maldives

Stood on cramped trains in Sri Lanka

⇒Did a yoga and meditation retreat in India as well as meeting the Dalai Lama

Hiked 13 days to Everest Base Camp in Nepal

Crammed as much as we could in during 2 weeks in Japan

⇒Had a crazy night out in LA

⇒Drank loads of Pina Coladas in Cuba

⇒Went on an awesome road trip in Arizona

⇒Got engaged in the best city in the world New York

Had six pretty miserable months back in England

⇒Had an awesome holiday in Croatia

Went Reindeer sledding in Tromso, Norway

Skied in Georgia

Went to see Gaudi’s masterpieces in Barcelona 

⇒ Found paradise in Puerto Escondido in Mexico

We’ve also been on 3 around the world trips together which all lasted 1 year each and we’ve travelled around 8 countries in Africa, South America, The Philippines and more.

We love working with local travel companies to help promote their businesses around the world and there’s nothing better than seeing you all help them too! If you’re a travel company and want to work with us, find out more here.

Hopefully this about section will help you get started on Londoner In Sydney. We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Annie & Steve