Hi there and thank you for finding my blog… I’m Annie the founder of Londoner In Sydney.

My story goes something like this – I decided a change was needed in my life. I was sick of working 9-5 in London and found myself becoming one those people you see on the tube everyday looking pretty miserable. I loved London but London somehow wasn’t how I knew it anymore so I decided to book an around the world ticket back in 2011. What was supposed to be a six month trip didn’t quite work out as planned and has now continued onto six years and counting!

I decided to start my trip in the spiritual land of India which is where I found love with an Australian guy called Steve. Steve and I decided to travel together and ended up moving to his home town of Sydney for a year in 2012 before we set off for another around the world trip for a year in 2013 visiting South East Asia, South America, UK, and East & Southern Africa.

Now living in Sydney permanently since Feb 2014, I have started Londoner In Sydney to help those of you moving over to Australia and for expats already living in Sydney with tips and advice on settling in.

You’ll find advice on where to live, how to apply for the Defacto Partner Visa, to food reviews and even how you can still shop the UK high street in Sydney. There’s quite a lot covered here but if there’s a topic I’ve not covered, please let me know and I’ll do my best to incorporate it into the blog.

My goal was always to help people and the response has been over-whelming. I regularly receive emails from my readers and there’s nothing better in knowing that I’ve helped in one way or another to your life down under.

Thanks for reading and supporting me,