Are you thinking of starting a blog but  unsure if you want to commit to it? I thought I’d let you in on the blogging world and what it’s done for me since I started it 2 years ago. We live in a world where brands are turning more and more to bloggers to collaborate so the question is; will your blog get seen and heard?

I started my blog back in July 2014 because I wanted to work in Fashion at the time. I realised it was in my favour to blog about my passion in the hope to enhance my efforts to work in the industry. I honestly thought to myself that if I ever received something from one brand for free then I would be happy. What I didn’t realise is that it was going to do so much more for me not only mentally, creatively and morally. Here’s my top 5 reasons to start a blog to help any of you thinking about starting one.

#1 Rewarding Your Creativity


The biggest thing I never saw coming is that blogging has become my passion. It’s filled the creative gap in my life and I absolutely love it! Being able to help people through my blog posts and by receiving comments and emails from people who I can help has been the most rewarding thing by far. I’ve always wanted to help people and I never thought that from starting a blog could do such a thing. It makes it all worth while when I get an email from someone thanking me for a blog post that’s helped them so much which gives me confidence to continue on with it.

#2 The Hard Work Pays Off


Something I’ve become obsessed with is finding out how many people are reading my blog and monitoring it every month. My blogs views have increased from literally nothing to now quite a strong following but it’s taken a while. Don’t expect your bog to suddenly get thousands of views straight away, it takes a while to build up your brand so stay patient.

When I started this blog I thought no one would ever read my posts but then it grew and now I write mainly for friends who need information they can’t find on the net. I also write about things I experience that I think others might benefit from such as How To Apply For The 820 Defacto Visa Post. When I was applying for my visa to Australia, I couldn’t find very much information about it so I wrote a post for others going through the process.

#3 Making Friends With Other Bloggers


One thing I’ve really loved since becoming a blogger is meeting other like minded people. It’s taken a while but whether I’ve been contacted to attend a launch of a shop, clothing line or cafe, I’ve met most of my blogging friends through events. Some of my favourite events were attending the Marks & Spencer Australian Website Launch at a beautiful mansion in the middle of Sydney to recently attending the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia. I’ve also met other blogging friends through Instagram but it’s so nice to relate to others who are on the same journey. We are all passionate and looking for ways to constantly improve our blogs and I’ve met some of my best friends in Sydney through blogging.

#4 Partnerships


Another perk to blogging has been building the growth of my blog through partnering up with a variety of brands. I have been approached by a few brands to promote them via a sponsored post or by affiliate marketing. A sponsored post is basically when they give me a topic to write about in my own words to promote the brand which they will pay me for. When I first started blogging many brands would expect me to do it for free but knowing how much time it takes to write a post, I’ll charge up to $200 for a post now. Affiliate marketing is when I’ll get a cut on the product I’m promoting for the brand. I haven’t done that many sponsored posts or affiliate marketing yet because I’m very picky with whether the brand fits in with mine. There are lots of bloggers out there who won’t say no to anything they are offered but I am essentially writing to help people and will remain true to myself and my morals.

#5 Realising that you’re building a successful brand


As I said at the beginning of this post I originally started out purely as a fashion blogger who wanted to work in the industry. From analysing my Google Analytics and realising what my audience wanted more of, I changed Londoner In Sydney to the direction of helping people move to or already living in Sydney. Now my blog is all about Sydney with a small inclusion of fashion on the side, I’ve started to realise that it’s becoming a go to brand for expats in Sydney. Knowing I’ve built this up all by myself is something to be proud of and knowing that there’s a long list of how I can still grow my blog is unbelievably exciting. For the lucky few, the reality of being able to quit your day job to blog full time and make a decent living is what every blogger dreams of.

Are you thinking about starting a blog? Let me know if you’re having any problems with making it a reality. A post on what you need to do to start your own blog will be coming to you very soon!

Thanks for reading!