WIWT picked my grunge outfit as part of a Summer Outfits feature on the UK MSN website in the Her section. I usually think about the bottom half of my outfit more where skits, trousers and shorts are usually the pieces that I like to highlight in an outfit. I tend to keep the top half quite plain but as you’ve probably seen in the fashion world, there are is a huge variety of tops out there at the moment. For instance, the crop top is a massive trend with so many different versions out there. I really like the cut out crop tops but I know you gotta be pretty small up top to pull that off. Also, wearing a strapless bra isn’t going to happen for me unless I’m wearing a bodice or something that I literally can’t breathe in so gravity doesn’t start running free on me!!

The kilt is one I picked up at Vinnies Charity Shop and the top is one a friend gave me years ago teamed with Topshop boots. I think pairing something so delicate like a strappy lace top which I think was originally part of a pyjamas set with something as heavy as a tartan kilt works really well together. To see more of this outfit click here for a recent post and here for the feature on MSN.



UK MSN 11 July 2014
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