Last week Poppy Dinsey from WIWT had a fashion feature on UK MSN website called ‘Trend watch: is there a ban on colour we don’t know about?’ My outfit from Big W was picked to feature alongside other bloggers wearing black or monochrome outfits.

My Big W outfit included a black roll neck jumper ($15), faux leather pants ($20) and Target boots ($20). This is an incredibly cheap outfit in Australian terms as most of the high street shops charge so much money for clothes that are badly made over here. A $55 outfit is the equivalent to around £25. We don’t have the luxury of shops like Primark over here which makes it a lot easier to buy fashion at an affordable price so I’m pretty happy that I managed to put together an outfit for $55 over here! To see the post on Big W click here and to see the feature on MSN click here

UK MSN 1 Aug 2014
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