Seeing as it’s winter here in Aus and the rest of you will be (unfortunately) thinking about your new winter wardrobe soon, I thought I’d share a few posts this week concentrating on the winter must have – the chunky knit. If you invest in a good one, it will literally go with most of your wardrobe. I bought this navy blue one which has a big roll neck to keep me extra warm from good old Zara. It literally goes with all of my wardrobe and I love it so much, I have since found the same one in grey and lilac off my favourite – ebay for way cheaper since. Once you invest in something like this, you’ll see how you can still wear your summer wardrobe throughout winter by layering up a good chunky jumper like this. I really like the fact that it’s cropped too making it ridiculously easy to wear.

Today I have teamed it with my favourite maxi dress my ‘mermaid dress’ from topshop (see here for previous post). I love this dress a lot, it’s so beautiful and there’s so much fabric going on that it instantly makes me feel very girly. By wearing the navy knit over the top and a statement necklace from Aussie store Sportsgirl, this outfit is all set for some winter outings. Simple and perfect!

Chunky Knit – Zara $89.99 (similar here or check on ebay here)

Dress – Topshop $60 sale old (similar here)

Necklace – Sportsgirl $10 sale (similar here)

Location – Audley, Royal National Park Sydney. Photo’s taken by Steve


The Winter Must Have – The Chunky Knit
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