I went to Miranda shopping centre in Sydney with Steve last weekend purely to get him another pair of jeans but I ended up buying a few things myself from the one and only Target. Now, Target is a little bit like Primark but not anywhere near as good yet it has that kind of ‘cheap’ persona that comes with it. It’s actually no where as cheap as Primark but this is the Aussie version. The fashion in there is a bit all over the shop with an awful lot of clothes that look like they’ve been in hanging on the rails for a very long time. I don’t understand that with a lot of the shops in Australia. Why do they have to put as much stock as possible onto one rail? The lighting is usually terrible in these shops and they always look like they are closing down yet they never do. I always think of Mary Portas and how she should come over and whip these stores into shape!

Anyway, Target is usually a good store to find shirts and jumpers for Steve as he’s a big guy and men’s high street shops are nearly non existent in Aus and this one is the best I can come up with to buy Steve half decent clothes.

In the end, I came out of the store with this target outfit. New boots and this bodycon dress, both in the sale coming to a total of $35!!! So, I wanted to show you all that I don’t just shop on Ebay and I do buy from actual shops over here in good old (usually) pricey Australia! I love these boots and bought them in the nude colour too as they will last quite a while throughout the seasons. The dress is a classic and wont ever go out of fashion. It’s an easy dress to dress up in heels or down in slides or converse.

Dress – Target, Miranda store Sydney, $15 (sale, reduced from $30)

Boots – Target, Miranda store Sydney, $20 (sale, reduced from $40)

Sunglasses – Primark $4 (old)

Location – Round the corner from my flat, images taken by Steve

Target Outfit
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