The guys at the airline site Webjet (Australia’s similar version to easyjet) randomly found my Sydney Vs London post and loved it so much that they asked me to feature on their upcoming feature about Sydney Bloggers. I was asked to send in a piece about my favourite spot in Sydney to give the visitors an idea of good but random things that Sydney has to offer.

Rather than to talk about Sydney’s beautiful surroundings of the Harbour or one of its many fine beaches, I decided to let everyone in on one of its best cafes, Sadhana Kitchen. Now I’ve talked about this cafe a lot on this blog as I love it so much for it’s incredible raw plant based recipes (see here) and by coming to this cafe helped me on the path of changing what I put into my body which has ultimately changed my life (have you seen the popular post ‘How I lost Weight‘ yet?). Since everything has started to become clear to me now in terms of what I’m eating is really affecting my day to day makes me want to shout it from the roof tops. I’m sure there’s not one person out there who wouldn’t want to feel good about themselves and ultimately by eating the right food will do that to you.

Anyway, I’m pleased that people are starting to find my blog as it’s been just over three months now since I started it and I’m pretty happy that the hard work is paying off already!

To see the full post by Webjet click here

Sydney Bloggers – Webjet 13 October 2014
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