Last night I was fortunate enough to attend the launch party for the new H&M Sydney flagship store in Pitt St Mall. Taking over the entire Glasshouse building, I knew it was going to be a big night especially as I walked past earlier in the day and saw a long red carpet and stage outside the shop for the evening’s launch. With Solange Knowles (aka Beyonce’s sister) DJing, it was going to be a huge night for the Sydney events calendar.

H&M Sydney flagship store

Setting up the red carpet for the evening in Sydney’s main shopping street, Pitt Street Mall

H&M opened their first Sydney store around this time last year in the Macquarie Centre (see here for post) and it’s been a shop that I’ve had a bit of a love/hate relationship with. Now I absolutely love H&M and one thing I love about it over here is the fact that they haven’t upscaled their prices like most other international stores and it’s pretty much the same as what I’d pay back in UK.

The problem I’ve found is the lack of their excellent quality tailored pieces. I used to work right near the London flagship store and was spoilt for choice with their variety of really great quality fashion which they unfortunately haven’t brought over with them to Sydney. I’ve noticed in Macquarie Centre that a lot of their stock is old but they’ve thrown in a few new pieces to keep it looking fresh and contemporary (there are pieces I remember seeing in UK over 5 years ago which has since made it’s way to the shop floor in Sydney!).

I was really looking forward to last night because due to the huge scale of the new store, I was really hoping their stock would be a million times better. So what did I wear?

H&M Launch Party

Topshop Suit, Uniqlo Shirt, Sheike Belt and Clutch and Zara Shoes 

Once a few glasses of champagne were consumed and I caught up with some fabulous blogger friends as well as a bit of star spotting (because everyone seemed to be there last night!) I raided the shop whilst everyone else had their eyes on watching the style queen Solange blast out her set.

H&M Sydney Pitt St Mall Champagne anyone?

H&M Sydney flagship Solanje Knowles kicks off the opening night

H&M Sydney View from the first floor 

The Layout – 3 Floors

Ground Floor – Womenswear, Accessories, Shoes

H&M Sydney

Shoe section

H&M Sydney launch Ground Floor was so busy but check out that price of $7.95!

First Floor – Womenswear (Divided, Active Wear) and Home

Divided H&MDivided by H&M

H&M Sydney H&M Home 

H&M SydneyH&M Home

Top Floor – Menswear and Kids

Unfortunately I didn’t manage to make it to the top floor as it was pretty busy!


The Verdict

Due to the sheer scale of the shop, it was hands down a million times better than the Macquarie store due to the variety of clothes and well thought layout. Unfortunately, yet again I found it difficult to find those great tailoring pieces and a lot of the stock mirrored the Macquarie shop but it was still good, just not quite what I was hoping for in terms of having any of their high end stock.

I really loved the home section which was very much catered for the Australian market, selling lots of picnicware as well as bathroom pieces to bed sheets and cushions. Obviously I came home with a few bags of clothes and a picnic rug! It was one of those times I knew it was now or never because let’s face it, this store will be jammed packed over the next few months!

A top tip – H&M sizing is a bit all over the place. The way I know what size to get is by looking at the label and checking the US sizing. just count 2 sizes up from that and you’re spot on. So a size US4 is a AU8 and that’s that best way to work out your size. Do this with every label too.

You’d be nuts not to visit this shop when you can by a singlet top for just $3.50 and dresses from around $20! Look out for their wide brimmed floppy hats – I nearly bought 3 of them!! I’ll be posting some outfit shots up of what I bought on my Instagram very soon!

Thanks for reading!

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