I was asked to attend this event on Saturday but seeing as I am moving house that day, I thought I’d share with you all this awesome event that’s taking place in the heart of Paddington. I’m not one to plug anything that is given to me but I really liked the idea of this and hope I may attract others to attend.

My Heart Space is holding an evening with some fantastic music and food markets. I would have been there in a second if I wasn’t moving house because I really like the fact that they are doing something different and because they’ve taken alcohol out of the equation it’s all about enjoying the music, food, culture, atmosphere and the great people.

The music will be performed by OKA with special guests Markandeya from Sweden who have just come back from their US tour and will be belting out progressive roots, electrified didgeridoo & juju rhythms!  They summed up their music with the following quote “Try to imagine Bob Marley meets Stevie Wonder via the Chemical Brothers, playing in a steaming rainforest with a didgeridoo and you are getting close.” There will even be a DJ thrown into the mix. Sounds bloody great hey?

Another focus is the food markets. Don’t think burgers and snags (that’s sausages to anyone who isn’t Aussie) as they have come up with the idea of raw food markets hosted by Earth to Table (I’ve even been to this great raw cafe in Bondi!), Cornstars, Green Goodness and Raw Eats. It’s really becoming clear how raw food is starting to take over Sydney. This is amazing in my eyes! I love the fact that people are recognising the quote we have all heard a million times ‘You are what you eat’ and are now putting it into action.

The concept of this event is not just a party, but a gathering of tribes and an evening of connection, intention and inspiration. The focus is on creating a meaningful space and providing a positive, drug and alcohol free, transformative music experience in the beautiful space that is Paddington Chapel.

So for all of you that are Sydney based, go check this event out. After you’ve eaten the delicious food and are all fired up from the beats, you can head down to Oxford Street for that beer afterwards! Perfect!

Here are the details if you are interested:

Saturday 18 October @ 7pm

Paddington Chapel, Sydney

395 Oxford St, Paddington

Ticket Price – $35 presale or $40 on the door

For more info and to book tickets go to www.myheartspace.com.au

My Heart Space Event
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