Having recently moved around the corner from my old flat near Sydney Harbour, I was more than excited when I found the perfect home complete with an outdoor space. Finding any sort of outdoor area is pretty rare when living in the middle a city let alone Sydney. Since I left home at 18 years of age, I have never had the opportunity to buy any outdoor furniture let alone be able to enjoy my own space in the sun until now.

I hired a van and spent the day racing around Sydney buying a few pieces to create my own little oasis just in time before the summer kicks in. Having found this gorgeous wicker set on ebay for just $100, I knew my favourite summer accessory to complete this set will be the Turkish Towel by SAMMIMIS. I absolutely love this towel, not only because it’s 100% turkish cotton and made in Turkey which gets softer the more you wash it (yes!!) but I’m also loving the versatility of it.

I bought the flooring to my new garden from Ikea and I love that by just throwing this towel over it, creates such a gorgeous space for me to sit and relax in. You can tell the quality has a good thickness to it meaning it’s going to last well and it’s the right size to pack up in my bag too.

SAMMIMIS turkish towel

Obviously it’s a no brainer that I’ll be using this towel for the beach as well and will even come in handy as a sarong. I’ve been looking for a decent towel for ages now, because when living in Australia, you really have to invest in a decent one as it becomes your go to item for every weekend at the beach or in my case to enjoy my new garden.

SAMMIMIS is the only physical store in Australia dedicated to turkish towels so you can even go in and choose your own one rather than guessing it online because to me, it’s all about the feel of it and whether that’s going to work for you. They have an offer on at the moment; Buy 3, get the 4th free! That’s Christmas presents sorted then!!

If you are interested in turkish towels by SAMMIMIS, please click here for more information and to find your nearest store here.

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My Favourite Summer Accessory – The Turkish Towel by SAMMIMIS
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