It can take a while to find out about all the great events happening when moving to a new city let alone a new country so when the guys at Curious Cartel invited me to their brand new immersive cinema event in Sydney I jumped on the opportunity to see what it was all about.

Now I’m in my 30’s, I don’t really go to bars anymore and prefer a night out at either a good restaurant, gig or just doing something different. I loved the idea of a secret immersive cinema night where you’re only told about the theme before being sent clues and then the name of the venue just the day before the event.

Curious Cartel is a company of creatives that have all worked in the TV and Film industry so you know it’s going to be a good night with them. They launched their first event back in May 2015 showing the cult movie Fight Club. They picked an awesome venue at the domain carpark underneath Hyde Park and included actors to immerse the audience into scenes of the movie. The night finished off with a silent cinema screening of the film and it all looked amazing. I couldn’t make that evening so when they told me the next theme was going to be Prom Night, I couldn’t wait to attend.

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Click the image to watch Fight Club with Curious Cartel 

So, Prom Night –  this could be  a whole list of movies and which one was becoming more mysterious when we were told the day before the venue was going to be held at Sydney Boys High School. I dusted off my tulle skirt and got ready as if it was my prom night, boyfriend in tow and headed over along with 300 people to the high school to be greeted by actors in character.


Heading into the grounds of the school was beautiful with a gorgeous courtyard feature. We had our high school prom photo taken as soon as we walked in and headed straight for the gym to a DJ, bar and school disco.


The courtyard at Sydney Boys High School

Everyone was dressed in their finest prom outfits and before long we were all called to the classroom to immerse ourselves into a scene from the film. It didn’t take long to work out that the film was another cult classic, Carrie and we were hanging out with the characters in no time. IMG_8403

After getting a bite to eat with tacos and snags on offer, prom king and queen were announced before we all sat down in the gym to watch Carrie. The film stopped just at the crucial pigs blood scene when the actress playing Carrie walks through the audience with blood streaming down her, a great touch and I even managed a quick photo with her at the end too!


The gym complete with exact set design (minus the Aussie flags!) from Carrie 


Ready to watch Carrie in the school gym 

I really loved the detail that went into the set up for the event. Whilst watching the film, I quickly noticed Curious Cartel had everything down to a T from the set design to the characters, even the scene we took part in in the classroom. It was all spot on.

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Token photo with Carrie herself!

I had a brilliant night at this event and wouldn’t hesitate to go along to their next one. If you are looking for a night out in Sydney that’s a bit different, then look out for their next event here.

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Curious Cartel’s Immersive Cinema
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