In Australia the law states that if you have been in a relationship for 1 year then you can apply for what’s called the Defacto Partner subclass 820 Visa.

A bit of back story if you are reading my blog for the first time – I am a British woman who met my Australian boyfriend Steve whilst travelling through India back in 2011. We moved to Sydney a few months later and lived with his mum for 1 year in Australia. With no intention of moving to Australia permanently at the time, we didn’t have bills stating that we were actually living together for that year. We had always planned to live in Sydney for just one year and then travel to move to who-knows-where.

We left Sydney in Feb 2013 and embarked on a year travelling the world and then spontaneously moved back to Australia in Feb 2014 permanently. After numerous calls to immigration I was told I could come into Aus on a Tourist visa for 3 months and then apply for defacto partner visa.

During the 3 month’s on a tourist visa, I couldn’t work so I started to prepare my application during that time. It was certainly full on and I’m sure you will understand that you want to make sure you submit everything that is needed with the hope that you won’t get kicked out of the country because you’ve forgotten to include something (which won’t happen btw!).  My biggest worry was to prove that we had actually LIVED together for at least one year because we didn’t actually have any rental documents or bills to include in the application. Even though we had been together over 2 and a half years and the majority of that time was spent travelling, I was told that I could submit the application as long as I could prove that we had spent a whole year together through submitting flight details, hostel bookings etc.


Unsure of where to live in Sydney? Look here for a guide on where will suit you best.

So here’s a quick bit of advice if you are going to go down the partner route:

1. Make a start on the application as soon as you are sure you are going to apply for the visa. Do not wait until the last minute as it will take you way way longer to get all the documents together than you think. It took me 3 whole months and I wasn’t working at the time.

2. Make sure you do the following straight away:

  • Book your medical as you could be waiting a few months to get an appointment
  • Get your relationship certified as that takes a good 4 weeks before you get the certificate
  • Apply for police clearance in the countries you have lived in as well as Australia, can take a good 4 weeks
  • Apply for birth certificate from home country as that can take a food 5 weeks for delivery to Australian address (I had no idea where mine was back in England)
  • Ask family and friends to fill out the 888 forms (which they need signed by a JP too) and make sure you get them back in time to submit. I included six, that was 4 of my Australian boyfriend’s family, one of his family friends and one of my school friends who is now an Australian resident.

3. Find a JP who will happily sign all your stat decs and any forms needed signing. We found one on the net that lived nearby who came round twice to sign everything for us.

Now you probably know by now that there isn’t a lot of info out there on how to actually apply for this visa. It is confusing and Immigration certainly make it more confusing with the many phone calls you’ve probably already been making.  I’ve decided to list the contents page from my application to at least give you a starting point in getting all your documents together.


Whilst you’re waiting for your Visa to be approved, you’ll be on a Bridging Visa. The question is, can you work on a bridging visa? Answers here

How To Get All Your Forms Together

The first section (Folder 1 – 4) is dedicated to forms and ID. Folder 1 – 4 is where most of it needs to be signed by a JP




FOLDER 4 – PERSONAL DOCUMENTS OF SPONSOR – that’s my boyfriend Steve

Then there’s the next section dedicated to show how you are in a genuine relationship where you include house bills, photographs, etc below (Folder 5 – 8)


Folder 5 –  Financial Aspects: table of contents and documents

Folder 6 – Nature of the household: table of contents and documents

Folder 7 – Social Context of the Relationship: table of contents and documents

Folder 8 – Nature of Commitment to each other: table of contents and documents


We found that the Australian Forum was really helpful in finding out exactly what was needed.  Below is the contents page we provided for our application. I thought it might help for any of you guys wanting to apply and are finding it hard to learn of what is exactly needed. Oh I’ve put a few **** just to regain a bit of privacy for Steve & I. I don’t think you want to know EVERYTHING  about me.

The stat dec’s in folder 5 – 8 were written to say what it was we were submitting – so eg ‘In folder 7 we have submitted as much information of us being in a genuine and loving relationship and share an active social life together through emails, cards, letters from each other’s families, photo evidence of gifts together and social activities of us going to see Coldplay in Sydney’ you get the idea…


Need more answers? I’ve put together your top questions here

So here we go with that contents page…


1.1 Subclass 820 Application Document Checklist
1.2 Form 47SP – Application for migration to Australia by a partner
1.3 Form 40SP – Sponsorship for a partner to migrate to Australia



2.1 888 Form – Statutory Declaration by a supporting witness (x6)
2.2 Statutory Declaration by Applicant on the history of my relationship with Sponsor
2.3 Statutory Declaration by Sponsor on the history of my relationship with Applicant


3.1 Certified copy of the biographical data page of the passport
3.2 Recent passport size photographs (2x)
3.3 Certified copy of birth certificate
3.4 Certified copy of UK Driver Licence

3.5 Form 80 – Personal particulars for character assessment
3.6 Original AFP Police Report

3.7 Original Police Report from UK
3.8 Proof of E Medical Examination

3.9 Certified copy of most recent Bank Statement

3.10 Applicant Curriculum Vitae


4.1 Certified copy of the biographical data page of the passport & recent passport size photographs (x2)
4.2 Certified copy of birth certificate
4.3 Certified copy of NSW Driver’s License
4.4 Certified copy of Payment Summary

4.5 Original letter of employment

4.6 Original payslips from ****


Folder 5 –  Financial Aspects: table of contents and documents
Folder 6 – Nature of the household: table of contents and documents
Folder 7 – Social Context of the Relationship: table of contents and documents
Folder 8 – Nature of Commitment to each other: table of contents and documents




5.1 Joint Statutory Declaration stating a summary of our Financial Aspects.

5.2 Original letters of joint bank accounts at ****.

5.3 Relevant purchases made for before/during our trip around the world ***.

5.4 Flights booked for our trip around the world ****.

5.5 Room bookings made for our trip around the world ****.

5.6 Bank statements of Applicant from ****showing all purchases made since the relationship started.

5.7 Bank statements of Sponsor from**** showing all purchases made since the relationship started.




  1. Joint Statutory Declaration stating a summary of the Nature of our Household.
  2. Statutory Declaration from landlord stating rental lease.
  3. Confirmation Emails for household purchases.
  4. Applicant proof of address living with Sponsor in Australia in ****




  1. Joint Statutory Declaration of the Social Aspect of our Relationship.
  2. Photos of Applicant and Sponsor together & with friends every month and every country visited from****.
  3. Joint cards from Applicant & Sponsor’s families.
  4. Personal cards to and from the Applicant & Sponsor.
  5. Photos of Applicant & Sponsor with both families.
  6. Photo evidence of gifts to and from the Applicant & Sponsor.
  7. Email confirmation of gifts to and from the Applicant & Sponsor.
  8. Gig tickets confirmation.
  9. Joint gym membership.
  10. Screen shot of mutual friends on Facebook.
  11. Cards from friends to Applicant.
  12. Screen shot of website both Applicant & Sponsor built in Malawi, Africa.
  13. Postcards of Applicant & Sponsor’s trip around the world to Sponsor’s mother.
  14. Personal Emails between Applicant, Sponsor and Sponsor’s mother.
  15. Personal Emails between Applicant and Applicant’s Sister re: Sponsor.



  1. Joint Statutory Declaration of our Nature of Commitment to each other.
  2. Certified certificate of Births, Deaths & Marriages – Relationship certificate.
  3. Screenshots of proof that Applicant & Sponsor are each other’s beneficiaries for their Super Funds.
  4. Applicant’s Application Form for working for **** company from **** stating Sponsor as the emergency contact (dated ****)
  5. Evidence that Applicant’s second year Working Holiday Visa was approved and sent to Sponsor’s email for confirmation.
  6. Time spent apart – Leaving cards, emails and postcards sent to each other whilst Applicant went back to UK for ****.
  7. Personal Cards to each other – Birthday, Valentines, Christmas and Anniversary Cards.
  8. Facebook status screenshots stating when Applicant and Sponsor made their relationship official on social media.
  9. Private Facebook conversations between Sponsor and Applicant.
  10. Emotional Support Emails and cards to each other.
  11. Applicant & Sponsor’s joint blog re: their trip around the world from ****.
  12. Proof of Applicant & Sponsor’s Will’s ****.


How living in Sydney can bring out the best in you here

I have also made a video of my application as I think it makes it easier to understand what you need to write and how to present it as I’m a visual learner so I think it’s good just to see how to lay it out. I have FINALLY put up on YouTube. It’s not the most exciting video I made on the day I submitted the application in May 2014 so I was a bit on the stressed side as I’m sure you can all imagine! See it below.

If you have any questions regarding the Defacto Partner visa, please comment below or contact me privately.

I have also recently written an FAQ post regarding the visa as I’ve had a fair few emails from some of you going through this process so I’ve answered a lot of questions you’ve been asking. Check it out here.

As I state in the disclaimer below, I can not tell you how to apply for the visa, I am just stating what I did. If you need questions answering that don’t relate to my situation, I would as always contact immigration or a migration agent.

Also, make sure you check out my other expat related posts here.

Good Luck!

Londoner IN Sydney signature

Disclaimer – I do not work for immigration, I am just someone who has been through the visa process and have written this post to state what I did. I am not saying what I did is the correct way to apply for the visa, but it worked for me. If you have any questions, I do advise you to contact immigration or a migration agent. They are the only people who can give you the most up to date and correct answers. 

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And finally: How long does the defacto partner visa to Australia take to get approved? Yes, that’s right – my permanent residency has finally been approved!!!

Applying for Defacto Partner Visa 820 to Australia
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  • Francesco

    hi there,
    once that we send by post when will have the response for the bridging visa?

    • londoner

      Hi Francesco, it depends what visa you are on at the moment. Mine came through as soon as my tourist visa was up. If you need anymore info, please contact me at thanks!

    • Hi there, it depends what visa you are on before. As I was on a tourist visa, I got my bridging visa the day after my tourist visa expired. They just sent me an email stating it. Let me know if you have anymore questions that need answering! Thanks

      • Camile Camielion

        Hi if your going on a bridging visa from a tourist visa does this give you working rights? i thought the working rights follows the rights of your old visa? My boyfriend hopes to go on a state sponsorship visa and his agent originally told us I can go on a tourist visa and then apply for bridging but later backtracked and said I would need to apply from the UK. Thanks any info helps 🙂

        • londoner

          Hi Camille, I came in on a tourist visa for 3 months then appplied for the defacto visa. I automatically went onto a bridging visa meaning i could work whilst I waited for the defacto visa. Thanks!

        • Anonymous

          Hey ..thankyou for such a detailed explanation.. I have a query .. I am just applying for my spouse visa fromantic outside Australia.. is it possible that I can visit aust on a visiting visa while my spouse visa is being processed because it’s takes a long time and my husband is already in aust and has an Australian pr .. will wait for your response :))

          • Anonymous

            From outside Australia.. sorry for the typo 🙂

  • jayneytravels

    Wow Ana this is so thorough! You’ve done an amazing job. We submitted about half of the items you mentioned so fingers crossed it’s enough. Wish I had watched this first for ideas!

  • Gabrielle

    Hi Ana
    This is so so helpful and this is the only blog ive seen who say you can apply for the partner visa whilst on a tourist visa. Is this for sure as I am currently on a working holiday and it end in dec. me and my boyfriend have been together since jan 29th. I want to come back on a visitors visa in around February to make sure it is a year and we can collect enough evidence that it has been a year since the start of our relationship.
    Did you call immigration to ask about the visitors visa.
    Because if not I will have to do 3 long months of farm work to extend the visa.
    Any information would help so so much. Thanks very much for your blog !!

  • Hi Gabrielle, I applied for the partner visa after being on a tourist visa so it’s all fine. I know you definitely have to leave the country after being on a WHV as you cant automatically go onto a Tourist Visa whilst being in the country. (I know this because I was once on a WHV and wanted to stay in the country a bit longer on a tourist visa thinking it would be fine but they won’t let that happen).

    You’ll have to leave the country preferably with the boyf, then come back in on a tourist visa for 3 months and only then you’ll be able to apply for the partner visa. You wont be able to work whilst on the tourist visa. Immigration will tell you that they can’t technically give you advice but I called them loads about it and it’s all good to apply so you’ll be a lucky one who won’t have to go through the dreaded farm work 🙂 Put your application in just before the tourist visa is up and the day after the tourist visa finishes you’ll then automatically go onto a bridging visa meaning you can work again. If you need anymore advice you can contact me privately if you like at Thanks and good luck!!x

    • Kate

      Hi, I wrote something about this on a previous thread but just a question as it appears you applied for your partner visa while on the first 3 month stint of your holiday/tourist visa… Did you have to wait out the 12 months for the entire visa to expire or did they grant your BVA when the first 3 month period came to an end? Thanks for your help!

  • Fantastic post! Can’t wait to share this with my readers. I get a lot of questions about proving de facto for visa applications and this will be a huge help, especially from someone that has gone through it.

    • londoner

      Hi Lauren, thank you so much! I love your site, its amazing! I found it from the Top Expat Bloggers in Australia post (congrats by the way!!). Would absolutely love for you to share my post/blog with your readers!! Thank you!!!! 🙂

    • Thanks so much Lauren, love SMG!!

  • Michelle Nguyen

    Thank you so much for sharing this!

  • Michelle Nguyen

    Thank you so much for sharing it! I found it is very helpful when my partner and I are in the process of applying the partner visa for me. My visa is expired in 2 months and I hold a temporary graduate visa now. I am confused about how to write statutory declaration, as you said it would be an essay, and I found a form from immigration website called “statutory declaration act 1959” ( here is the link: ). are they the same? Thank you, Michelle.

    • londoner

      Hi Michelle,

      You can do either. So you can fill out the form or write your own. I found it easier to write my own. I typed it and hand signed it with a JP to witness. If you need anymore help, please let me know. Thanks and good luck!

    • I just hand wrote my stat decs, no form used. So i just wrote about each folder explaining what was in it, and I wrote my personal stat dec in folder 2 about my relationship with my partner, I just wrote about what he meant to me and how we met as well as how we plan to live together in Australia. Hope that helps

      • Michelle Nguyen

        Thank you for replying! Yes I hand wrote my stat decs as well and applied 8 months ago now holding a bridging visa a. 2 weeks ago i got an automatic email saying that my application is in queue now and realized I needed to fill the form 80 and do health check, but they haven’t send me a HAP ID yet and I applied in person in Melbourne office. So I called them and they said all i need to do is just wait. Could you please share with me that how did you get your HAP ID to book your health assessment? Thank you Annabel

  • Gabriella Nash

    Thanks so much for this detailed insight into your application, the video has helped me so much. I’m currently in the process of getting all my documents together to send off hopefully in a couple of months time. I was originally going to apply online but the immigration website is such a faff I’m going to gather everything on paper. Did you physically write on the 40sp and 47sp forms, or fill them in electronically and print it off? Also did you handwrite anything at all such as captions for photos etc or is everything word processed? I’m thinking of creating a hand-written timeline of our relationship but I’m not sure if it would be more appropriate to try and word process it. Thanks in advance for your advice!

    • londoner

      Hi Gabby,

      I hand wrote the forms as it was much easier to do. Saying that, when I made mistakes, I had to redo them which was annoying! I printed off six photo’s per A4 page and hand wrote on them what they were and the date they were taken. As long as your handwriting is fine to read then its ok. I think you have to write in black ink pen though. Best of luck!

    • Hi Gabriella, I hand wrote most of it but for your timeline I’d probably type it just to make sure it’s really clear. I hand wrote on the paper the photo was printed on and hand filled out the forms but I think it would be better to type your timeline. Best of luck!

  • Sam Francis

    This is the BEST summary and breakdown of what is required and what to do. I have been researching ways and means for AGES and the gov websites are painful, written in jargon and difficult to understand exactly what you actually need to do. THANK YOU. Saved me a world of pain and frown lines 🙂 xxx

    • londoner

      Hi Sam, so glad I can help you. If you need anymore help email me directly and I’ll do my best to respond to your questions. Thanks, Annabel

    • Awesome to hear, thanks so much Sam!

  • Marisa Nicole

    Thanks for such an amazing, thorough summary!! I am trying to apply for the same visa and I am in the 1 year living together stage but I cannot get a visa for longer than 6 months. How did you live with your boyfriend in Sydney for a year?

    • Hi there, I was on a Working Holiday Visa for our first year. I came back in on a tourist visa and applied that way. Hope that helps!

  • Avril

    Hello- I was just wondering with the statutory declaration forms- can these be typed up into the boxes or do they need to be handwritten?

    Thanks 🙂

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  • Lynn Chong

    Hi! So glad to come across your website! My bf and I are getting married in Turkey in December. I am trying to figure out what visa he should come on so that we can apply for the 820 on shore. I am worried that coming on a tourist visa will have a “no further stay” limit on it which will not allow him to apply for a 820. I am abit confused about the process, if he comes in on a tourist visa and we apply for an 820, which will take approx 12-14 months (according to DIMIA) to be processed. What happens after the 3 month visitor visa runs out? Will they issue a bridging visa while waiting for 820 to be approved? Also, would he be able to work on this visa? Thanks so much!

    • londoner

      Hi Lynn, I did exactly that – i came in on a tourist visa for 3 months then applied for the defacto visa. I then went onto a bridging visa meaning I could work whilst waiting for the defacto visa to be approved. All easy, thanks!

    • Hi Lynn, I’ve written a post all about bridging visas here but in short, yes he will go straight onto a bridging visa once the tourist visa is up meaning he can then work. Thanks

  • Roberto

    Hi Annabel,

    First of all, thank you so much to share with people your skills and tips of how to proceed and what to do to apply for the Partner visa.

    My name is Roberto and I am Brazilian. I am living 3 years in australia and 1 year ago I met my GF and she is Australian. We are living together since January this year, and my actual visa at the moment is the Student which is about to expire in December.

    I started reunite all the necessary documents and I will apply by mail with folders, exactly like you did.

    My question is when exactly should I lodge this documents, to apply? As my visa is about to expire 02/12 and I am afraid about being ilegal if this visa doesnt grant in time.

    Thank you for now.


    • londoner

      Hi Robert, you should have a private email from me in your inbox. Thanks!

  • Inna

    Great job! Very helpful… so happy I found your site as I was desperate with getting all the paperwork done… Thanks a lot!!! Love your blog 🙂

    • londoner

      Thanks so much!! Glad I can help you all out there 🙂

    • Thanks so much Inna, that means a lot! Best of luck!

  • Jenny Shin

    Hello, i just wanted to know how much this costed? as i am looking in to applying for a de facto relationship as well. Thank you for the information!

    • Hi Jenny, at the time the visa cost something like $4,000. I then paid an extra $2000 on medical fees, police checks etc but the cost has now gone up. I think it’s now $6,000 before any add ons. Good luck!

  • Kirra

    Great Blog.
    My situation is very similar i met my Irish partner in Australa we where together for 6 months before we left to travel but no documents or lease in our names. Could you tell me if there was anything else you submitted from your travels?
    We have also been in Ireland for 2 months staying with my partners parents should we get a stat dec written up. We have mail addressed to the house in both names, invite to a wedding etc.
    If you could give some advice that would be great.

    Thank you

    • I included flight details of our travels, trips that were booked, basically anything that was in both our names as well as a photo of us both from every country we went to or every month we had been together. Hope that helps!

  • Mark Clayton


    Do you know if your sponsor has to be employed?
    My girlfriend is taking a break from work at the moment, since August, but she has full work history before that.

    Thanks 🙂

  • Myles Harman

    Hi! Great advice… I got my De Facto visa processed in less than one month! it is possible, you just need to get the right advice 🙂

    P.S I went through a company called Fast Track Your De-Facto…I think the website is…Or something like that 🙂

    • Thanks Myles, that’s amazing you got it in less than a month as I’ve not heard of anyone getting it that quickly before. Did you apply recently?

      • Anjeanette Cansino

        maybe it’s a bridging visa?

        • Chelsea Bird

          SCAM do not go through them !!


      Myles, as you have applied quite recently, what did you have to pay for the visa? its a bit confusing knowing what the current ball park price is I am seeing £3000-£5000 on different websites.

  • Billie

    Thank you so much for this tips, it makes it much more easy to figure out how to organise all this paperwork! You’re a legend.

  • Steve G

    Thats a great help just about to lodge mine. Very well written, thanks heaps


    Sorry if I missed this in the article or the comments but how long did it take from handing in the application to getting the defacto visa approved?
    I am a Londoner too, Met my BF while travelling in Aus in 2011, we have been in London since 2013, we really want to move back to Australia but it all seems so expensive and terrifying, we also have a dog, she has been my dog for 9 years, I don’t know how I could leave her, I am being quoted £3000 to take her over! All seems so overwhelming at this point –

    • Hi CCBloom, it took a year to get it approved but I was on a bridging visa until it got approved so I could work during that time. I can’t help you with pets I’m sorry but I have heard it’s cheaper to apply for the visa in UK than in Australia. Best of luck!!

  • Stefano Redo

    Hi Annabel,

    great piece of work and so helpful.

    I have a basic question:
    How do you get your relationship certified?


  • Adyna

    Hi, thank you for the advice and it has helped me and my partner prepare for my visa. We have a lot of phone bills and chat history that we would like to include in our evidence, because most of our relationship was long distance interstate.. I was wondering if the evidence for communication need to be printed in colour and certified?
    Thanks in advance!

    • Hi there, Doesn’t matter if in colour or black and white. Also I’m not sure about getting phone bills certified, check with a JP or immigration, Thanks!

      • Adyna

        Thanks! I called them and they said only official documents eg. identity docs need to be certified. Thought I’d update just incase anyone else was also wondering 🙂

  • Anjeanette Cansino

    Hi, how many pages is your history of relationship? Should I just compress my letter into one page? Thank you.

    • Hi there, mine was about 3 pages worth! Just make sure you write down how you met, what you’ve been up to since meeting, what your plans are for the future in australia and why you both want to live in australia. Thanks!

      • Anjeanette Cansino

        Hi, thank you for reply! Mine is 3 pages too. But I’m worrying about my sponsor he is lazy writer.. His letter is only one page. Anyway last question, about your “Subclass 820 Application Document Checklist” did you do it by yourself or there is a pdf ready document on the immig site? Thank you so much! 🙂

        • Hi, don’t worry. My bf only wrote a page too! (typical men!!). I made the checklist myself. Best of luck!

  • HCib Shah

    Hey i need your help. please advice me what i should do now as i am in trouble atm. I have lived in Canberra for 5 years and i applied for partner visa after registering my defacto relationship with the certificate. The decision was yet pending but i went overseas and later i came to know that i can not get back in Australia as of the condition of my bridging visa which is NO OVERSEAS TRAVEL. I really need to get back please help

    • Anjeanette Cansino

      is your visa bridging visa A? before travelling overseas you should apply for bridging visa B then apply for bva again when coming back to australia

    • Hi there. Yes, you have to check with immigration before leaving australia. But, I’d be on the phone to them now about it. They will be the best help to offer you in this situation. Best of luck!!

      • HCib Shah

        Thankyou i will be waiting to hear from you after you speak to them please get back to me asap

        • I think you misread her comment, she meant “If I was you, I”d be on the phone to them” as in, you need to ring them.
          best of luck

          • Thanks Matt, yep HCib you need to call them yourself. I am just someone who has been through the partner visa process. I am not associated with immigration and certainly not able to advise about whether you can come back into Australia. You’ll have to call them to explain your situation. Thanks and good luck!

  • Hi,
    My wife is here on a tourist visa and will soon apply for the 820, we you able to work while you were on your bridging visa?
    if she is unable to work for the 12+ months it takes to process the 820, it could be a really boring time lol

    • Hi Matt, all the questions regarding a bridging visa can be found here thanks!

    • Erin Dybvig

      I had to head into the immigration office and fill out a Form 1005 which grants changes to your bridging visa that allow you to work. It seems crazy that this isn’t granted automatically, it’s a very expensive visa and most of the applicants need to get to work in order to pay it off! Best of luck!

  • Emma

    Hiya! can i ask why you included bank statements and CV?

    • Hernán Vulliez

      Hi Emma! Bank statements can provide information about your postal address, joint accounts and financial support between the two of you. CV does not provide any of the requirements, but since this type of visa is very subjective and different from a person to another, maybe they consider that you are a professional, a hard worker, whatsoever, and that you have references.
      Everything counts! Good luck!

      • Exactly, thanks Herman for answering that for me, Best of luck Emma!

  • Erin Dybvig

    Wondering if anyone’s had this experience:

    I came over to Australia last week on a tourist visa (valid for three months), applied and paid for the partner visa and was granted a bridging visa. I went to apply for jobs and realized my tourist visa had not been overwritten by my new visa. Seems logical now, but what I’ve had to do in order to not wait around for three months to start working, was to head down to the immigration office and fill in a Form 1005 which changes the rights on your visa. I applied yesterday to have my Bridging Visa A re-written to include ASAP working rights, and plead my case that I am 25 years old and NEED to work as soon as possible! It *looks* like it will work out, but I swear I’m going to write a book as soon as this visa is granted to me. I’ve had 50/50 success with the government and immigration offices; information from blogs like these have been a life saver!

    • Jessica Wong

      how much was your visa fee for the partner visa?

      • Erin Dybvig

        $6875 I think

        • Jessica Wong

          Do you have to pay it all at one time? or there are few stage to pay? if yes, how much to do have to pay upon submitting?

    • Kerala Drew

      hey, did your bridging visa get granted? Id love to be able to do that and start working sooner instead of waiting out the 3 months!

      • Erin Dybvig

        Hi Kerala, nothing yet unfortunately,! Still keeping in touch with an ombudsman and sending in form 1005 a couple times a week. Squeaky wheel gets the grease! Everyone at immigration says something different and the website has not been much help so I’m just going to annoy people until someone replies. Hope you have better luck than me!

        • Hi Erin, please keep in touch, I’d be keen to know if this works out for you. I was always under the impression you had to wait 3 months until the tourist visa was up before I could work. Thanks

          • Kate

            Hi guys, please keep me updated on this thread! My husband’s tourist visa officially expires in November (looking at it from the perspective of it being a 12 month visa) but we are hoping to get him the bridging visa before that if we apply in the next few months. I have asked the immigration department but not received a clear answer on whether the visa expires 12 months after being issued, or at the end of every 3 month stint (as you are required to leave the country 3 months after each entry). Hope this makes sense!

  • Hazelle Joyce Coloso

    Hi – this is a very interesting blog as I’m planning to do partner visa for me and my Boyfriend who is based in Sydney. However, upon research, I found out that we need to be in a relationship for 1 year before we lodge in the application. Our 1st year will only be on November. So if my plan is to migrate before end of year, can I already lodge the application and all the necessary documents so it will be ready by that time? Thank you so much! You’re such a helpful angel! – hazelle

    • Hi Hazelle, it’s best to check with immigration but I do know someone who was in a similar situation who did get the visa even though they hadn’t been together for 12 months when the applied. Thanks

  • WaiJun Hui

    hello! I am glad I stumbled onto your blog, and what a great read it is! I am an Australian PR and me and my girlfriend are planning to apply for the Partner visa. However, I have been living/working in overseas for the past 3 years and that’s when i met my girlfriend and am planning to return to Melbourne with her. Do all Partner visa applications require the relationship to be registered? If so, can we register our relationship even though she has no residential address in Melbourne?
    Thanks for your help !

    • Ella Rowe

      Hey Jun, If you do not register the relationship then you must show that you have been in a relationship for at least months. I copied it off the government website for you.
      If you are living in a de facto relationship, provide one of the following:

      -evidence that you have been in the relationship for at least 12 months before you apply for this visa
      -evidence that of compelling and compassionate reasons for applying before the 12 month period has passed
      -evidence that you have registered your relationship in Australia with the relevant state or territory authority.

  • Ella Rowe

    Hello! I hope this doesn’t sound rude asking but when you applied did you and your boyf have a lot of savings? Do they want you to have atleast 15000 or something like that? Thanks so much for your blog! youre a hero.

    • Hi there, I didn’t have very much at all but I did have enough to pay for the visa. Thanks!

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  • Rebecca Tsicaderis


    I´m an Australian citizen who´s been living in Spain for the last 7 years. Last year I married my Spanish husband in Australia (while he was on a tourist visa) and we returned to Barcelona. We´re very keen on coming back to Melbourne to live and we´d prefer to apply onshore.. so, my question is: do you know if he could come on a tourist visa and apply for a partner visa without problems? Many thanks in advance!


    • Hi Rebecca, that’s exactly what I did. Thanks 🙂

      • Rebecca Tsicaderis

        Ok great, thanks so much! 🙂

  • Udara

    Hey there. Hope you can help me here. my partner applied for a Permanenet partner visa and shes now on 820 bridging spouce visa. She now has to wait about 1.5 hours until immigration approved the aplication. My question is, can she travel to other countries for longer periods like 6 months. How will it affect her visa?

    • Hi there. I’ve not left Australia since I applied for my visa back in 2014. It would be best for you to contact immigration on this one. Thanks!

  • Isabella

    Hello, applying for the 820visa and my partners tourist visa ends on the 21st of may and we were wondering if we could put through the application on the 20th? Would his bridging visa come in or would he then be unlawful and have to leave the country until it does?
    Thank you

    • Hi Isabella. Just make sure the visa has been submitted before 21st. I think I submitted mine a week before my visa was up. He’ll then go onto a bridging visa on the 22nd. But you’re cutting it fine by sending it through the day before. Thanks and good luck!

      • Sally

        WIth regards to this bridging visa- can you choose what type of bridging visa you go onto? My boyfriend is on a working holiday visa while we prepare our 820 application, once we submit the application and his working holiday visa runs out, will he still be able to work until the 820 application is decided? Thanks, this is such a helpful blog post!

  • Emma

    Hi Annabel, just wanted to say a massive THANK YOU for the time and effort you put in to write this blog. I have learned so much about the reality of the process and really appreciate your thorough detail.
    I do have a question though… I was wondering if you or anyone knows what the second part of the visa entails. I am reading that after 2 years if your situation is still the same the applicant will be granted permanent residency. What evidence needs to be provided for that? Is it the same level of detail as the initial part of the visa or would it be a declaration/interview/form/something simpler?

    • Hi Emma, great question! I am currently in the process of applying for the second part. I’ll write another post once I’ve submitted it. Thanks!

      • Emma

        Perfect, I will keep an eye out! 🙂

  • Adrian Amador

    Hi there i was wondering if you can apply doing 47sp and 40sp and then collect the rest of the documents?

    • If you do this online then I think you can do this. But do not submit your application until you have provided everything. this will cause a big delay in the visa getting approved. It’s best to submit everything at once but if you do it online you can complete the forms and then add everything else in but just don’t submit it until you have everything uploaded. Hope that makes sense?!

  • Alyce

    This post and video is sooo helpful! This, along with the immigration checklist is helping my boyfriend and I apply for a de facto visa for him to stay in Australia. Thank you so much! I do have one question though, in regards to the Will component. My boyfriend and I have next to no assets haha, but I have found some quick will kit website where we can have something put together cheaply and quickly. It just seems like a really intense step and like I said we don’t have much to leave behind! Is this how you approached that component? Or do you have any tips for this bit?
    Thanks again!!!

    • Hi Alyce, we did the quick will kits which we found online. We both didn’t have very much at all but it’s good to put it in to show that commitment to each other. It’s not mandatory though. Thanks

  • Philippa Burfield

    Hi Annabel, my girlfriend is British and she is here on a tourist visa with the aim to apply for defacto partnership visa. On the 47SP form it asks for her current residential address which is officially in the UK but unofficially (due to tourist visa status) it is in Melbourne. Did you put your home (UK address) in this section or your sponsors Australian address? Many thanks in advance! This is a great blog!

    • Laura Bonafoux

      Hey Phillippa, I’m in the same situation, I’m english but living with my parenter in Australia and I’ve put the Australian address as my residential address, I figure thats where I’m living my day to day life currently! I have no idea if thats right but might help to know what others are doing anyways!

  • Rosita Nguyen

    Hi Annabel,

    Thanks so much for your meaningful advice.

    I have a question about the requirement for 1 year leaving together before lodging for 820 visa as I do not understand how exactly it can be calculated .

    Is that the 1 year time since you register your relationship with the state, or just the time you live together?

    Can I submit my application without the registration with the state?

    Thanks Annabel



    • Hi Rosita, It just means being together for 1 year. I registered our relationship a few months before I applied for the visa. I would definitely recommend registering your relationship though, thanks

  • Louise


    Just wondering, how long did it take in the end, from the time you submitted your application to the time you were granted your visa? Was it over 1 year?

  • Josie Geddes

    Can this application be started from outside the country? Or do I need to wait until i arrive in Australia on the 90 day tourist visa?

    • Hi Josie, You can apply outside Australia but i’m not sure when you can enter during the process. Best to contact immigration on this one, Thanks

  • Bonnie May Blaxall

    Hello There,
    Your website has been really helpful :0 In a months time im about to lodge my 820 Visa application (My bf is aussie, met him in the London two years ago) arrived in Australia 2015 got everything sorted, done medical , police checks, cerifited everything however im lodging everything by post, gonna head to lee street in Sydney on the july 11th, now im extremrly confused on how to pay? please please help! is where you write your bank details on form 47sp? and how will I know when they will process the payment? im so confused?

    • Marine

      Hi, I am exactly in the same situation, I have everything ready and I am going to send my application in Brisbane but I don’t know when and How to pay … Thank you so much for your answer ! 🙂

    • Emeline

      This would be my question as well :-/

    • Myles Harman

      It is confusing. The payment details is on one of the forms. I can’t remember which one. I used an awesome E-guide which I found online. Check out – The immigration agents are furious lol because now there is a way to help that DOESN’T cost $4k

  • Kathleen Retter

    Hi LondonerInSydney,
    I have gone through the tortuous application and have been lucky enough to be granted the Temporary visa (Thank goodness!). I’ve started going through the application for the second half and was wondering if you have started/completed this too? And if you have, if you can offer any advice?
    Many thanks,

    • Hi Kathleen, I have literally just finished the second part. I’m currently just waiting for my police clearance and once I get it, I’ll create another post and video to share with you all!

  • Sarah Quick

    Hey Annabel, thanks for the great blog, it is so helpful! I am currently in the process of applying for the same visa and cannot work out if I am the Sponsor (as the Welshie trying to stay in Oz), or my boyfriend is the Sponsor (as the Aussie Resident wanting to sponsor me to stay). Any advice you could give would be really appreciated. Thanks again 🙂

    • Hi sarah, you are the applicant and you boyfriend is the sponsor! Thanks 😉

  • John@Mekong

    Hi Annabel. You deserve a medal for your efforts. Being Australian I’m shocked at the lack of useful information provided by the relevant departments.
    Did you and your partner certify every piece of supporting evidence such as bank statements, utility bills, copies of cards or letters from sponsors family to applicant, designated beneficiary forms of pension or life insurance, purchases made, screen shots of email?
    I was in the immi office in Perth some months back confirming eligibility to apply within Australia and the guy 4 in front of me in the queue asked a question and was told “sorry I can’t answer that but if you do a Google search you’ll find the answer.” I nearly fell over. The department can’t answer your questions but Google can. Hilarious.

    • Hi John, thanks so much for your kind comments! basically getting a JP to sign means they are confirming that your copies are of the official documents ie a printed copy of your passport, birth certificate etc. You don’t want to include any original copy as they wont send it you back. Hope that makes sense?!

  • Layla

    Hi there, Thanks for all the useful tips!

    Quick question when you arrived on the tourist visa did you have to have a return flight booked (so immigration had proof you wouldn’t overstay?)

    • Hi there, I didn’t have a return flight. They actually didn’t ask me about it thankfully but I was going to say I was going to go onto NZ an book a flight shortly if they asked.

  • Thursdays Everyday

    Hi Annabel, your blog is by far the most comprehensive and useful article I’ve read so far. Thankyou soo much.. I started following you and you have a great deal of information to share. 😀 I have question though, I wanted to apply for the same path as yours (defacto-partner-visa). Due to time constraints, we are also planning to register our defacto relationship in NSW instead of getting married before lodging my Provisional visa (subclass 309). Would you know if this might conflict our future plans of getting married soon, say, while waiting for Permanent Partner visa (subclass 100) approval? Thanks much in advance.

    • Hi there. I have absolutely no idea sorry. I’d contact immigration about this. Best of luck though 🙂

  • Sarah Scanlon


    I am in the process of applying for this visa myself and I was wondering with the personal cards between yourselves and family members, did you give the originals or certified copies? As these are personal items I would like to get them back after the application has been processed.

    Also my partner deleted the emails containing our boarding passes from any travel we did, I have screen shots of us checking in on Facebook do think this will suffice?

    Thank you

    • Carol

      Hi Sarah,
      Just wondering if you found an answer to your question regarding the personal cards. I am wondering the same…wouldn’t like to think if I submitted originals that I wouldn’t get them back.
      Thanks in advance!

      • Hi Carol, yep, don’t send the originals, just scan the cards to send them.

    • Hi sarah, don’t give them your personal cards as you wont get them back. That’s why I got a JP to sign any official documents like my passport scan and birth certificate – you on’t get them back otherwise. I just scanned the cards and wrote on the paper what the cards were for ie birthday, valentines etc. I don’t think you need to worry too much about boarding passes, do you have email confirmation of the flights booked? Just print that out if I were you. Best of luck!

    • Hi there, just scan your cards as you wont get anything back. That’s why you need a JP to certify them. Definitely add in the facebook check ins, you need to show that you are together as a couple so more info you have the better. Thanks!

  • Una Nic An Chroisan

    After a long process I feel we are ready to submit but quick question- I have filled out the online application but as opposed to scanning and attaching the oh so many documents- can I post these seperately? Or does it have to be all by post or all online if that makes sense?

    • Hi Una, I can only imagine you have to either scan it all or post it all not both. But check with immigration on that one! Best of luck!

  • Una Nic An Chroisan

    After a long process I feel we are ready to submit but quick question- I have filled out the online application but as opposed to scanning and submitting the oh so many documents- can I post these instead? Or does it have to be all by post or all online if that makes sense?

  • Emma

    Hi all. Does anyone know how long they give you to enter Australia after the visa is granted if you make the application from England?

    • Hi Emma, Sorry I only know about applying in Australia. Best to contact immigration. Thanks!

  • Emma

    Also Annabel I was wondering… would you happen to know what the deal is with travelling back to the UK to visit family if you’re in Aus on the temporary visa?

    • Are you already on the 820 visa? If so, you can go back. But if you’re on a bridging visa, you’ll have to contact immigration to fill out a form and it costs as well but I’m unsure how much that is (about $100 or so, i think!)

      • Emma

        Thanks, you’re so knowledgeable! I’m just sussing all this out in advance for my boyfriend 🙂 Really appreciate the help.

  • Lihz Bailey

    Hi thanks for your post, super helpful. Just wondering about your skype convos. How did you access old skype info to use as proof? Also for your joint Stat Dec statements, did you each write one out or just write it in “we” form? Cheers!

    • Hi Lihz, I didn’t include any skype conversations but it might be worth screen shot them. We wrote one state dec between us for each folder but separate ones to describe our relationship. Thanks!

    • Myles Harman

      Check out – The immigration agents are furious lol because now there is a way to help that DOESN’T cost $4k

    • PracticeInPublic

      Hi Lihz, from what I’ve been told by an immigration lawyer, they do not accept skype sessions, what’s app or facebook messenger. My partner and I have to have phone records that we speak everyday (even if just for 5 seconds to say “hey babe, get on skype”) as we live apart at the moment. I think if you have the paid skype version then that might be accepted but otherwise they don’t considered as strong proof.

      • Kamellia Zeynali

        Hi do you know if they accept records from Facetime? My boyfriend and I currently use Facetime quite a lot to speak with each other, would that work?

  • Permata Chairunissa

    Hi is it still possible to apply de facto visa but you haven’t been living together for 12 months but have registered our relationship to the birth,death,and marriage department?
    my partner and I haven’t had a chance to live together because I had to go back to my country to finished my diploma but we are planning on moving in together after I graduated. We’ve been together for 2,5 years

    • Hi there, best to contact immigration on this matter. thanks!

  • Natasha Tourick

    Hey! Awesome awesome post here, thanks! One question from me though – did you take your final paperwork into immigration or send it through? I’d much prefer to take mine and hand it over to them…and if you handed it over in person, where in Sydney did you go? I only know the place to go in Melbourne! Thanks a million 🙂

    • Myles Harman

      I used a guide that included all the information about where to send your documents…Also how to “register” your relationship. Just follow the links on the download 🙂 Check out – The immigration agents are furious lol because now there is a way to help that DOESN’T cost $4k

    • You can’t take it in, in person unfortunately – trust me I tried! You have to send it, but make sure you send it via special and tracked so you know they get it.


      • Natasha Tourick

        Thanks for that. We ended up doing it online and now its just a waiting game 😉

  • Carol

    Hi I’m just wondering about the document checklist – I was just going to use the checklist on the immigration website and format it into a table…. Is that what you did or did you prepare it differently?

  • erika

    Hi, quick question as I read in the blog you and your partner didnt have a rental agreement or anything. Ive just be talking to immigration and they cant advise me one way or another, but myself and my partner have been living with his parents the majority of the time. Would a letter from his parents suffice or do they need more?

    • Myles Harman

      Anything and everything you can do helps. I filled out lots of “Statutory Declarations” to help make my application stronger. Check out – The immigration agents are furious lol because now there is a way to help that DOESN’T cost $4k

    • Chelsea Bird

      Have you found an alternative? I too would like to know 🙂

    • That’s what I did. I got my partner’s mother, whom we had been living with to write a letter explaining that we had been living with her.

  • erika

    Also, looking at previous comments im slighly confused. Is there two parts to the application? I know theres a temporary visa granted and then a permanent one but its only one application or two? How long do you wait to be granted the temporary one?? Cheers

    • Hi Erika, you’re right – there’s two parts to the visa. This post is for the first one, the 820 temporary visa. I have just submitted my application for the second part 801 visa and will be posting up on here very soon, complete with another video!

  • Asianne Dollz

    HI, this is very helpful I just have a question and I hope you can help me. Your on tourist visa while you lodge your de facto visa what happen after the tourist visa expired? Do you need to fly out Australia or you can stay while your waiting for the result?

    • You receive a bridge visa while your application is processing, which is like an extension of her tourist visa but she can work.

    • Ada is right. Thanks

  • Daniel

    Good post. Can I ask what medical examination you obtained? Through the Bupa website there appear to be a number of tests available:
    Medical Examination (501)
    Chest X-Ray (502)
    HIV test (707)
    Hepatitis B test (708)
    Syphilis Test (712)
    Hepatitis C test (716)
    TB Screening Test (IGRA/TST) (719)


    • Myles Harman

      Check out – It comes with full instructions on how to complete your medical 🙂

  • Chelsea Bird

    Hey!! Your post is great thanks so much for sharing! 🙂
    I have a few questions if your are able to use your fountain of knowledge it would be much appreciated! 🙂

    If I get my English mother in law to be to write one of our Statutory declarations (is this allowed?) does she have to get it certified in the UK or do I get it certified here in Australia?
    Also we have never paid rent anywhere. We lived and worked in a hotel and have lived with our parents. What would you suggest to use instead as proof of living together? Declarations from our parents? Also something from the hotel?
    Also I cannot register my relationship as I am in South Australia (we don’t have anything like it here…stupid I know!!) Any alternative suggestions?

    Thanks so much X

    • Hi Chelsea, I just looked it up about registering a relationship in SA. That’s weird you can’t do it in SA! I don’t think it’s a deal breaker by not registering it. We made out a will to eachother as well, that’s a good sign of commitment to use. If your mother in law is in UK, she will have to get a JP to sign over there. A JP is basically someone who witnesses your signature as you sign the documents. They have to be a registered JP so it’s not like anyone can sign.

      We didn’t have proof of actually living together either. If I were in your situation, I would gather up as much evidence to show you’ve been together the whole time. So, that would include, a letter from the hotel you’re living in, your parents and from anywhere else you’ve lived in. I also included a photograph of my partner and I every month we had been together and emails, cards, photos of me with my aussie partner’s family as well.

      Hope that helps!

  • Kim Violeta

    Hi there, this is Kimmy from Sydney. First of all, thank you for sharing this, it is really helpful as I also try to apply the 820/801 myself with my partner. I have couple of questions to ask you actually, I hope it’s okay. First of all is about the 888 form, how do you complete the form? So did your boyfriend’s family member have to hand writing it in “BLOCK LETTER” is did you just type it in the laptop/computer and printed out then bring it to the JP? Thank you.

    • my partner’s family members hand wrote onto the forms. Thanks!

  • Juliet

    Hi there, thank you so much for your informative post. This really helped me get over my anxiety with starting the compilation of our documents! And you’ve possibly helped hundreds if not thousands of other people who are going through with this application. Thanks again for being so generous! 🙂

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  • Gouri Bhardwaj

    Hi ! Thank you for such an amazing post 🙂 its so informative and helpful. Appreciate the effort.
    I am in the process of applying for a partner visa onshore and collecting documents. We got married in India 2 years back and my husband holds a PR for Australia. We have recently moved to Sydney.
    Wanted to know if ALL copies of documents have to be certified meaning – invitation cards, emails, travel proof etc. Slightly unclear on that. I do understand things like copy of passport, birth and marriage certificate have to certified but not sure abt other documents which support social and household aspects .

    Also, as I am applying onshore , is it so that all the documents have to be certified in Australia ? Thanks in advance !

  • Bocxi

    Hello guys! I have few questions about applying for Partner Visa. Me and my boyfriend met in the Philippines. We lived in together since July 2014. We didn’t planned ahead that we would need proof like shared bills, etc. (since he’s the one who’s paying for everything, i payed some bills but it’s on his name or the landlord’s. What i do have is proof of purchases that was addressed to his unit, pictures, trips in and out of the country.

    May 2016, we arrived together here in Australia. We’re staying at my boyfriend’s mum til now. He gave her money for bills but didn’t make a contract or anything.

    Only proof that we can provide since we got here in Oz would be: Joint Acc (Nov 2016), messages/emails to each otherproof of purchases/letters that addressed to same apartment, pictures together (with family and friends), receipts, movie membership cards.. That’s pretty much everything. We’ve been together for almost 3 years.

    Are we going to be refused right away with this kind of situation? Just worried, because it’s pretty expensive.

    Thank you. ?

  • Josh

    My girlfriend and I can’t be more grateful to you for going to such effort to write all of this! You are making our application process that much easier!! I had two questions regarding the application.

    1) In Folder 6 – Domestic arrangements
    You have a document stating ‘Statutory declaration from landlord stating rental lease’ is this just a letter/stat declaration from your partner’s parents (since you were living at their place)? Also on this, is a stat dec considered a letter which is signed and witnessed by a JP or is it a specific form.

    2) Do you suggest booking and having the medical even before applying for the partnership visa or only once you have applied?

    Thanks again!!

    • Hi there, 1) all correct, yep, partner’s mother wrote a stat dec (letter) stating we were living with her and got it signed by a JP. 2) I did the medical before applying as I heard it can hold up the process. But, this was 3 years ago so it might have changed. Give immigration a call about this one. Best of lcuk!

  • rachelle saevil

    You are an angel, sharing your story and tips is so valuable to everyone!
    Quick Q: You came to Aus on the 3-month tourist visa THEN applied for the De Facto? Were you not worried about the ‘intention’? I’m in this situation right now and just want to be here in Aus with my partner while I apply for the visa!

    • I did exactly that. We were travelling at the time and decided pretty quickly to come to Australia on the tourist visa. I was actually backpacking so my ‘intention’ would have been to continue on backpacking if asked and not mention the defacto visa. But I wasn’t asked a thing so it was all OK. Customs are very strict here in Australia just so you know!

  • Fau

    Hello there, thank you for sharing your experience over the de facto visa. Me and my scottish bf are planning to move to Australia and Ill be his de facto, but we’re in a long distance relationship for 2 years already. We met in Abu Dhabi while he worked here and went back to the UK and I stayed here. We only did trips to see each other every other month and we dont have any joint back accounts or bills since we never lived together. Is it sufficient for us to prove we’re in a relationship without joint bank accounts, bills, tenancy contracts, etc.? Many thanks in advance 🙂

    • I personally didn’t have any of that either, but we did spend every day together and lived together. I think the whole point is to prove you are in a genuine relationship for 12 months or more. If you can prove that with other supporting evidence then I would give it a shot. But I’d ask immigration about this, as it’s a lot of money to take a risk on whether you will get it approved. Best of luck

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  • Pingback: How long does Defacto Visa to Australia take to get approved? - Londoner In Sydney()

  • Holly Rogers


    Thanks for this informative post. Was just wandering with the bupa test if you get it done the month you apply but they don’t make a decision for 18 months is it still valid?
    I have been led to believe they are only valid for one year? Or do you have just had to have it done within a year of initial submission?


    • I was worried about this question as well. Mine was all OK and they didn’t ask me to do another test even though I had to wait 12 months for a decision to be made with the application. Best of luck!

  • Carol

    Hi Annabel, thanks for a great site! I’m going through the process of pulling together my documentation at the moment and it’s pretty intense! I’m also from the UK moving to Sydney and was wondering if you had to provide any birth certs etc for your family unit? I’ve no children but I’m a bit confused by this!

  • Lindsay Reilly

    Hi there – thank you so much for your blog – super helpful. I have a question regarding the 888 Form – Statutory Declaration by a supporting witness, do you need to have the original forms or will scanned copies do? Did you decide to submit your application electronically or by mail?

    • I submitted mine via post. I printed my 888 forms, got the friends and family to handwrite on them and signed by a JP. Best of luck with the application!

  • Han

    Hi! Great site – Love your organisation skills!
    I have a question regarding timelines… We are also planning an entry on a tourist visa and then apply but trying to get docs together from his home country while we are still here. Can we have documents dated back before his entry into Australia? Just thinking of the whole intention to be a tourist thing and the expiry of police certificate and medicals etc…
    Can he do his medical in his home country with GP linked to Aus embassy?

    • Hi Han, I can imagine the medical would need to be done in Australia. Best check with immigration on that one. Best of luck with your application!

  • Douglas

    Hello everyone

    For about a week now I’ve been in UK, I’m currently in UK for work purpose, I got my work visa to UK processed by Team Alex, You would want to apply for your visa to U.S.A, CANADA, UK, INDIA or to any other country about 2 months before travel, Apply directly, Contact Alex customer operation team and request for visa information Form that has all the step by step process on how to obtain a visa along with the fees for processing.

  • Mila Hennings

    Hi, I’m loving the blog and it’s so helpful for me and my boyfriend 🙂 I’m just wondering if you had to do a IELST English test?

    • I’ve not heard of this before and wasn’t required to do this test. Might be worth checking with immigration on this one. Thanks

  • Bridget Bowers

    Hey! Thank you so so much for creating this post! Even several years later, it makes the process so much less daunting. I wanted to ask, what was the reason for including your CV? Thank you again!

  • Diana Bloom

    Hi can you offer help – we are applying for the 820 partner visa. I have submitted my form online (applicant) and now we are completing my partners form (the sponsor). When you submitted the long answer questions on each form (eg financial , social, nature of household etc) did you submit carbon copies on both forms, and just change I for he etc? or did you rewrite completely?

  • Evangeline Skene

    Wow, I am so happy I have found your amazing blog. This post has saved me! My Australian boyfriend and I will be moving at the end of the year. Excuse my ignorance, but you have said JP a few times. What does it stand for?

    A few of our family/friends stat decs are from English people as our whole relationship has been over here. Can the documents be signed by a Solicitor or does it have to be a Notary?

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