A Royal Masterclass With Stayz

After writing the post 5 Reasons To Start A Blog, I feel I should tell you about an uh-mazing experience I was invited to last week that would have never happened if I hadn’t started writing my blog. I was in fact invited to meet Grant Harrold, only the butler for the British Royal Family in an etiquette masterclass to celebrate the Queen’s 90th birthday.

Grant Herrald

Grant Harrold – The Royal Butler

Hosted by Stayz  – only the number 1 holiday home rental in Australia, they have over 40,000 properties in over 2,000 unique locations in Australia. From beachside getaways to treetop houses, the evening’s event location did not disappoint as they picked the most stunning rental property I have seen in Sydney. Walking into the entrance of the home down a small lane in a residential area (only Sydney’s most exclusive area of Darling Point), I was in complete shock and awe of the sheer size of the property. How on earth did it fit on that street? It’s incredible to find these hidden gems in Sydney!


Rent this stunning property out here

After being greeted by The Butler himself who now runs The Royal School of Etiquette in UK, we were in for a treat from the best of the best. We started the evening learning all of the etiquette lessons you can think of from walking with books on your  head to learning how to set a dinner table fit for the queen (literally!).


Blogger Love Swah showing us all how its done

Stayz 2

Seriously learning all about how to set a dining table with Sydney’s biggest bloggers 

We finally finished the evening off with talking all about my (pre-vegan days) favourite food of all, Afternoon Tea. Unexpectedly, I was even greeted with two of the most delicious raw cakes to be able to join in with everyone!


Raw desserts – yum!!

When you’re faced with meeting the Butler who’s worked with The Queen, Kate & William, Harry and Charles & Camilla, one can only dream of the questions you’d like to ask… top of the list was what is Kate actually like? ‘Simply Stunning’ Grant answered. You wouldn’t expect anything less.


Grant and I realising that we actually lived quite near to each other in UK!

Gone are the days of booking a hotel, because let’s face it; who would want to stay in a sterile hotel room when you can stay in a beautiful home or mansion like this?  Whether you’re planning a family trip or a weekend away with friends, Stayz has a unique range of properties to suit any family and any budget.

I find Sydney can become quite claustrophobic in my little apartment so it’s a reminder to myself that Stayz offers some of the most amazing holiday homes in Australia where in actual fact I could just do a staycation and have a weekend in a gorgeous home right in the middle of Sydney if I wanted. If you’re new to Sydney or haven’t heard of Stayz before, it’s definitely worth checking out now for your future getaway.

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A Royal Masterclass With Stayz
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