Because I have been backpacking a lot recently, I pretty much know exactly the kind of clothes to take with me. It’s not an easy job selecting which clothes I am going to wear for a whole year or so, because let’s face it, I knew I was going to get sick of them in the end. Usually I would throw my travelling clothes away after a trip, but I wanted to share this item which turned out to probably be THE best piece of clothing i have taken with me and it’s a must have holiday item for any trip!

This last year me and the boyf made a trip to the following places : Philippines – South America (Argentina, Bolivia and Peru) – England – Turkey – and then the big one Africa (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Namibia and South Africa) followed by a wrong but brief visit to Vietnam. We knew we needed clothes for all climates which is hard to pack for. Limiting yourself to one pair of trousers (ie Jeans) and one warm jumper etc is going to be a difficult challenge.

Obviously when we arrived in England half way through the trip, I went a little shopping crazy as a change over in clothes was in order to last for the next six months travelling through Africa. Packing for Africa was hard, but I can honestly say this Dress/Top from Topshop was perfect. Not only is it extremely light weight which folds up to pretty much nothing, but the best thing I found was seeing as I had to hand wash everything during our trip to Africa, it dried the quickest out of everything.

I always find that no matter where you travel to in the world, always bring an item that you can dress up or at least feel like ‘you’ in. I know when I travel, my fashion sense goes out the window and its all about comfort. This get very boring after a while and no matter where you are, you sometimes just want to dress up and wear something nice with some makeup on. I have met so many women backpacking who were gutted that they didn’t bring that one or two special items to make them feel nice. I now even travel with a compact hairdryer which people seem to think I am mental for doing. I may well travel but I’m still at least going to take pride with my hair!! 🙂

Anyway, this dress from SS13 Topshop was perfect for Africa. You see most of the countries we went to were Muslim so there was no getting the legs or arms out and you had to dress modestly. Easy you think, but imagine when its 35C out there and you cant wear shorts? I used to wear this dress with leggings if we had a night out or with jeans when it wasn’t too hot. It was always my go to item for dressing up.

Seeing as I had to handwash everything in Africa which by the way is the best thing ever as my clothes have stayed in such better condition since returning from the trip and I still wear them now! You have more choice what to wear and even whites become an option now (usually they go a rank grey after you get them washed the first time and therefore you are throwing that one t shirt you brought with you away in no time) .

I now wear this £35 (approx Aus $75) dress on it’s own or tucked into shorts (like these culottes also from Topshop bought a few years back), skirts and trousers. It is so versatile! 

There will be a more detailed version of what clothes to take travelling or on holiday coming soon!

A must have holiday item
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