Welcome back to What I Wore Last Week, a weekly feature showcasing all of my outfits worn day by day showing you all how to keep up with the trends at affordable prices. (See my detailed post about keeping up with the trends here). I rarely spend more than $100 on a piece of clothing let alone on an entire outfit and after living in Australia, a country that isn’t easy to find quality cheap fashion, I am here to show you how I manage to keep up with the trends in the Northern Hemisphere. As autumn is pretty much now and truly here, Australian shops are filling up with last year’s fashion – the camel coat and lots of grey, yet shops like Zara, H&M and Topshop which produce clothing for the opposite seasons are now showcasing some beautiful summer trends. This has to be the one gutting thing about living in Australia; we are always behind fashion when it comes to the seasons. It’s interesting yet challenging to have my take on the fashion’s hitting the UK but incorporating them into the opposite seasons. So yep, I’ll still be wearing a 60’s mini dress with tan sandals yet I’ll be teaming them with a nice pair of contrasting tights and coat while everyone else will be getting their pins out!

What did I buy last week? Last week I did in fact finally find a great pair of tan sandals from Topshop that were also in the sale! Definitely buy into a pair of tan sandals, you’ll need them for pretty much every 70’s outfit you’ll be wearing this season. I also bought a boring pair of black shoes from Topshop which are a staple must have which I’ve been meaning to buy for a long time but haven’t got round to until now because yet again they were in the sale! There are loads of sales on at the moment so it’s worth taking the time to have a look around.

  topshop tan sandals topshop black courts shoes

  Topshop $122 down to $77                                  Topshop $122 down to $61 (click on image to buy)

I unintentionally had a bit of a corporate week of outfits so I dedicate this post to all the women out there who struggle to dress for the corporate world. So here’s my ‘How to dress in a corporate world’ post hoping to inspire someone out there. Enjoy!


vintage leather pencil skirt

On Monday I was going for a bit of a French look before the corporate looks starting taking over in the week. I love the simplicity of this outfit which is so easy to create. All of these pieces are second hand and bought for next to nothing. The actual total cost of this outfit comes to under $50 and you know what the most expensive part was? The lipstick (I’ve not included it in the total cost of the clothes) which was $36 from Mac. The stripe top is from H&M but bought off ebay, and the vintage leather skirt and these amazing red suede heels are all from my local market, Kirribilli Markets. I promote this market on my blog because it is consistently sooooo good and super cheap!

H&M stripe breton top – bought off ebay $10 similar here

Vintage Leather Pencil Skirt – Kirribilli Markets $20 similar here

Forever New Red Heels – Kirribilli Markets $15 similar here

Lipstick – Lady Danger Mac $36 buy here



zara navy suit

The weather started to cool down on Tuesday meaning it was the first time for months that I got to wear a jacket again so decided to dress quite corporate wearing Zara pants and jacket, my mum’s Ralph Lauren shirt and Topshop white heels for a navy and white corporate look. I absolutely love this blazer and even though I wouldn’t usually spend this much on anything, I knew this would be a good investment that would last a long time.

Zara navy jacket – $159, Pitt St Mall Store bought Sep 2014 similar here

Zara navy pants – $69, Pitt Street Mall Store bought July 2014 similar here

Ralph Lauren Shirt – gift similar here

Topshop White Heels – $52 in the sale, Sydney store Christmas 2014 buy here


topshop modern tailoring

I decided to carry on the corporate look but this time a bit more dressed down by teaming the suit jacket from my Topshop modern tailoring suit with a smart pair of baxter jeans also from Topshop, a nude blouse from Zara and a pair of nearly there heels from Next. I don’t usually wear jeans during the week but here’s my take on them to smarten them up for a mid week corporate look in my go to jeans from Topshop. I’ve always been a big fan of the baxter jeans and even though they’ve brought up so many variations of their jeans, for me the Baxter line is my go to.

Topshop Modern Tailoring Suit Jacket – $130 bought online here

Topshop black baxter jeans – $88 bought in Sydney store March 2015 buy here

Zara Nude Blouse – $59 Pitt St Mall, bought Nov 2014 similar here

Next black barely there heels – $51 bought online similar here


Topshop Modern Tailoring Suit

Still keeping with the suit theme, I wore my other Topshop Modern Tailoring Suit on Thursday with a contrasting pale blue buttoned up shirt and the same Next heels from the day before. I love this suit because it has such a contemporary modern androgynous look which I always seem to wear with a buttoned up shirt to complete the look. Topshop suits are such a must have buy in my eyes. They are so well cut and look so much more expensive than they are.

Burgundy Topshop Modern Tailoring Suit – bought Sydney store Nov 2014 $200 similar here

Pale Blue H&M Blouse – $15 bought in Brighton, UK July 2013 similar here

Next barely there heels – $51 bought online similar here


Topshop Khaki Trousers

Even though Friday is a dress down day, I ended up unintentionally dressing a bit safari chic by wearing these Topshop Khaki pants with those new heels I bought the day before and a H&M cream blouse and black bag. Cream, Khaki and tan seem to work so well so I’m pretty pleased with how this all turned out.

Topshop Khaki Pants – $80 bought in Sydney store Dec 2014 buy here

Topshop Tan heels – $77 sale bought in Sydney March 2015 similar here

H&M cream Blouse – $29.99 bought from Macquarie Centre Jan 2015 similar here

H&M Black Bag – $59.99 bought Jan 2015 still in Macquarie Centre now buy here

Friday Night

Topshop sequin skirt

I had a bit of an unexpected day on Friday so I went out to celebrate wearing this gorgeous sequin skirt that I bought in the Topshop sale online for a whole £15 ($30) ages ago which I teamed with a navy long sleeved top from Zara, those Next heels and a bright pink clutch to bring all those colours out from H&M.

Zara navy long sleeved top – $20 sale from Pitt St Mall, July 2014 similar here

Topshop Sequin Skirt – $30 bought online Sep 2014 similar here

H&M Pink Clutch – $19.99 Macquarie Centre bought Oct 2014 similar here

Next barely there heels – $51 bought online similar here



We raced up to stay with Steve’s family a few hours north of Sydney for the night on Saturday so I quickly put this outfit on for the journey up there wearing simple navy and tan accessories.

H&M striped top – $15 bought Dec 2014 still in store buy here

KMart Navy Jeans – $15 bought last week (march 2015) similar here

H&M Tan Belt – yonks old similar here

Topshop Tan Heels – $77 sale in store now similar here

Rayban wayfarers – $35 ebay find here


Topshop denim dress

I didn’t have a huge amount of time to pack to see Steve’s family so I just brought up my new Topshop denim dress which I bought the week before. Denim is already a massive trend at the moment so I thought this is a good investment on the classic dress. I’m usually about a size 10 sometimes an 8 in Topshop but ended up buying a size 6 in this dress because it has an oversized feel to it. While I like the oversized look, I don’t want to look like I’m wearing a tent and there wasn’t an 8 so I had to opt for a 6 in the end which fits perfectly.

Topshop denim dress – $80 bought last week in store now buy here

Topshop Tan heels – $77 sale in store now similar here

Rayban wayfarers – $35 ebay find here

So there are my outfits from last week. Hope you enjoyed it! Have a great Easter and I’ll see you next week when I return for another post on What I Wore Last Week.

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