Hello and welcome back to my What I Wore Last Week feature and boy did I wear some outfits – a whole nine of them in fact which certainly makes up for the few I could only post due to being ill the week before. I shopped twice last week, once at Topshop on a random splurge buying a gorgeous little Khaki dress (below) and again at the weekend at my local markets where I found so many little gems! I went out for dinner a few times meaning more outfits to share with you all and otherwise it wasn’t a bad week. I signed myself up to do a half marathon which is a massive thing for me as someone who absolutely hated running as a teenager so I’ve decided this is my year to do all those things I’ve always wanted to do. I also started a beginners Yoga course today which was just fantastic. So here’s me getting all fit and channeling my inner self for good times ahead!

As always, I give myself half an hour (if that) to get ready in the morning before work. There’s no planning involved and sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t but all I can say is since I started this feature, it is certainly making me wear all of my clothes which is a good thing right? Have you also seen my new post about How to shop the UK high street in Sydney? I also give tips on keeping up with the fashion in the UK as well!

So… 9 outfits in 1 week – What did I wear?


zara blouse, leather vintage skirt

On Monday I went for this 70’s inspired secretarial look. I was thinking more along the lines of incorporating the trend into corporate wear. The blouse is new from Zara (still in the shops now!), the vintage leather pencil skirt is from Kirribilli Markets which is THE place to go if you want to find a good leather skirt for dirt cheap, and these classic barely there heels from a British store which you can buy online from Next. It’s definitely worth while to invest in shoes like these as they are such a classic staple that will go with everything.

Blouse – Zara, Sydney store (In Store now) $69 (a beautiful version here)

Leather Skirt – Kirribilli Markets $20 (similar here)

Shoes – Next (online) $49 (similar here)

Monday Evening 

Topshop khaki dress

I went out for dinner with my blogger friend Andrea of Workwear Dilema on Monday which was a perfect timing to wear this dress I found earlier on in the day from Topshop. Knowing full well how big the khaki trend is at the moment, I’d been on the lookout for a dress in the trend and snapped up this one straight away as it was on budget (most importantly!), super soft, fitted perfectly and was a lovely shade of khaki (there are so many versions of ‘Khaki’ out there at the moment!). I teamed it with my trusted Zara leopard prints for a bit of a safari feel and the team at Today I’m Wearing loved  it so much that they did a feature on this outfit here.

Khaki Dress – Topshop Sydney, (in store now) $77 (buy here)

Leopard Print shoes – Zara (bought in Dec 2014) $79 (similar here)


h&m stripe skirt

I dug out this skirt on Tuesday which is a skirt I bought back in October at the new H&M store yet I’ve only worn it once. I really love the monochrome print and and added detail of having pockets. I do love pockets on dresses and skirts which makes it feel so much more comfier and not as dressed up.

Black Crop Top – Topshop Sydney (bought Jan 2015) $52 (similar here)

Stripe Skirt – H&M Sydney (bought Oct 2014) $29.99 (similar here)

Heels – Next online (bought Mar 2014) $49 (similar here)


khaki and leather

I was drawn once again to the khaki trend and on Wednesday I decided to team a really old Primark shirt / jacket with a H&M faux leather skirt and Mr Price heels. I love a bit of khaki and leather together, they seem to really bounce of each other and I’ve clinched it all in with a H&M belt. This belt is really great because you can twist the catch meaning you can also wear it on the reverse so its a 2 in 1 belt. One side is a matt camel and the other is a metallic – genius!

Khaki Shirt – Primark (bought years ago) $10 (similar here)

Faux Leather Skirt – H&M Sydney (bought in Jan 2015) $29.99 (see here)

Shoes – Mr Price South Africa (bought in Cape Town Jan 2014) $10 (similar here)

Belt – H&M Sydney (bought in Nov 2014) $20 (similar here)


zara neutrals

I decided to go for a bit of a nude on nude look on Thursday and although I did in fact get a few compliments on the outfit, I wasn’t too convinced by this creation. In my head I thought it would work well having a really simple nude outfit with my leopard prints to steal the show. And what do you know, the entire outfit bar the belt is from Zara. I do love my Zara for their simplistic, quality clothing that is always up to date, bang on trend and most of all for it’s affordability. I don’t think there is any other shop in Sydney that matches up to good old Zara for me.

Blouse – Zara Sydney (bought in Oct 2014) $59.99 (similar here)

Skirt – Zara (bought off Ebay, July 2014) $50 (similar here)

Shoes – Zara Sydney (bought in Dec 2014) $79.99 (similar here)

Belt – H&M Sydney *same as above (bought in Nov 2014) $20 (similar here)


Zara oversized white shirt

I love Friday’s because it means I can wear whatever I like to work (to a certain extent!) and even though it technically just means you can get away with wearing jeans to work, I often find myself wearing jeans even if it’s boiling outside. Last Friday was no exception as it was pretty hot so I decided to wear my new jeans from Topshop and can you believe my first pair of ripped jeans too? I am a fan of ripped jeans but never found any I liked enough to buy before until I found these. They aren’t a specific name of Topshop jeans so not Jamie or Baxter and just called ‘Skinny’ but they are super soft and fit so well that I had to have them! I decided to pair them with my oversized Zara white shirt which I’ve only just realised has pockets (extra bonus!) and my white heels also from Topshop for a Friday Casual look. I thought by pairing them with heels wouldn’t make it too casual for work but I felt comfortable all day in this outfit which would also make a great daytime weekend outfit too.

Oversized White Shirt – Zara sale Sydney (bought in Jan 2014) $35 (similar here)

Skinny ripped Jeans – Topshop Sydney (in store now! bought in Feb 2015) $100 (buy here)

Heels – Topshop Sydney sale (bought Jan 2015) $52 (buy here)


Kahlo leather skirt

 I’ve read all of the plans on the internet in how to train for the half marathon and the weekend is the time to do your ‘long run’ of the week so on Saturday morning I ran the longest run of my life of 1 hour and 42 minutes. I am, as you can see, incredibly proud of myself and it’s amazing to see how much progress I’ve made already after training for the last month. I’ve ran maybe 4 times a week for the last month so this is amazing for me. After that run, I decided I needed new trainers so I popped this simple outfit on and went to buy some new kicks and headed out for a spot of late lunch. I was actually going to sell this skirt on ebay because I found it way too short and it was a bit small on me but due to the training it looks like I’ve lost a bit of weight (woop!). I bought this skirt at a fashion market off a well known Australian blogger called Harper and Harley who’s recently been in the hit TV show Fashion Bloggers so I reckon once she’s uber famous I could flog this skirt for a fair bit! I do love the pockets and the quilted finish to this skirt and paired it with a soft grey tee, my taupe boots and new lipstick from Mac.

Grey Tee – Topshop Sydney (bought Jan 2014, in store now) $30 (buy here)

Leather Skirt – Kahlo (bought from The Winery Fashion Markets in July 2014) $50 (similar here)

Boots – Zara Sydney sale (bought July 2014) $89 (similar here)

Lipstick – Mac Lady Danger $36 (buy here)


Sheike Jumpsuit

I haven’t been able to wear this beauty of a jumpsuit much because it’s been too hot over here to even contemplate it at the weekends but Sunday saw very changeable weather so it was perfect to wear to my local markets. I love the seventies print and teaming white with it really brings out the print even more. I can’t believe what a bargain I got this for as well as I randomly found it in the sale at Aussie store Sheike for just $29! Bargain!

Jumpsuit – Sheike sale (Nov 2014) $29 (people often list this on ebay here)

Belt – Zara Sydney (Nov 2014) $29.99 (similar here)

Shoes – Birkenstocks, The Iconic (bought Oct 2014) $96 (buy here)

Sunnies – Rayban (bought off Ebay, Aug 2014) $35 (buy here)

I thought I’d also post what I bought at the Markets too as I was pretty proud of my buys.

Kirribilli Markets

I got there an hour before it closed which can be amazing  sometimes (like it was that day) for bargains as everyone drops their prices dramatically. I couldn’t believe how many little gems I found which totalled up to just $63!! It included the following from top left:

Black Bag – Originally Sportsgirl $10

Brown Leather belt – $1 perfect for some 70s inspired looks (similar here)

Mac Make Up – Blusher $10 – a makeup artist was selling off unused Mac products!

Necklace – $20 this has to be my favourite buy of the day, how amazing is this beauty even if it weighs a tonne?

Striped Tshirt – Originally Sportsgirl $2 you can never have enough striped tees! (similar here)

Khaki Jeans – Originally Sportsgirl $5 been looking for a pair for a while now (similar here)

Brown Leather Bag – Originally from Mexico $5 I have so been looking for one like this for a long time (similar here)

Suede Dress – Originally from Sportsgirl $10 I was on the look out for a suede skirt but pleased I found this number to be bang on the suede trend (similar here)

Sunday Evening

Suede Dress

And so my final outfit of the week was mostly bought at the market. I quickly washed the dress and hey presto this is my outfit for dinner in Manly with the boyf. I wore the suede dress with the new belt and necklace teamed with some balancing white accessories like this YSL bag I bought from charity shop Vinnies and my Topshop Shoes to glam the outfit up a bit and to veer off from looking too fancy dress.

Suede Dress -Kirribilli Markets, originally from Sportsgirl $10 (similar here)

Belt – Kirribilli Markets $1 (similar here)

Necklace – Kirribilli Markets$20

Bag – YSL from Vinnies Charity Shop, Tempe $10 (similar here)

Shoes – Topshop Sale Sydney $52 (buy here)

Hope you enjoyed my installment of What I Wore Last Week. As always you can follow me on Instagram and Facebook for daily updates. See you next week!

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