I’m sure I’m not the only woman out there who’s been in search of the perfect black ankle boots right? Having not been blessed with the best pins in the world, I have spent some many years trying to find the best ankle boots that don’t make me look even shorter than my 5 ‘5  self and most importantly boots that don’t give my legs the illusion of looking even wider than they already are. It has been a long search, and after many trial and errors, I think I’ve finally cracked it and figured out what the most flattering ankle boots for bigger legs.

There are so many variations out there and finding the perfect ankle boots is the best thing but once you’ve worn them to death you end up thinking ‘why didn’t I invest in another pair’ because you’ll spend time and time regretting that decision and searching for a similar pair for years afterwards. Trust me, I’ve done this. I had a great pair from River Island that I found nearly 10 years ago that had a slight cowboy cut but at ankle length. I lived in them all the time and it got to the point a few years back that they became unwearable with so many holes in them. I then found myself trying to find a similar pair again ever since.

I usually love the change of seasons from Summer to Autumn as A/W is my favourite time of the year fashion wise. Summer in Australia is so hot that it’s pretty difficult to dress well whereas winter opens the doors to layering, textures and time to experiment with different trends. Since I came to the terms that my River Island boots were no longer acceptable, I have always dealt with the feeling of dread when the weather gets cooler and sandals won’t cut it anymore because I have to think about what boots I can get away with.

I recently found this pair in a shop called Kangui right near my work in World Square, Sydney and couldn’t believe my luck that these were in fact what I have been searching for all those years. I loved them so much that I bought them in both Black and Tan and felt that it was necessary to share what I’ve learnt about finding the best pair.

the best Black ankle bootsthe perfect ankle boots

So why are these boots perfect for the wider leg?

Here Are My Top 4 Tips to Buying The Perfect Black Ankle Boots For Bigger Legs

This is what I’ve worked out:

  1. Buying a black boot in a suede rather than a leather is softer on the leg and way more flattering.
  2. Buy a boot that is narrow on the foot, the narrower on the foot the slimmer on the leg.
  3. The cut is the key – this is what I’ve worked out: Buy a boot that is shaped just at the ankle and is cut on a slope so it starts just above the ankle and and slopes down to the middle of the ankle. This is by far the most flattering style I have found out there as there are too many that are cut off square which is practically impossible to wear and to look good! Make sure you get a boot with a pointed toe – way more flattering than a round toe. See how they look from the side, if they are flattering then you’re onto a winner!
  4. The Heel – I really like to wear a chunky heel so I’ll get more wear out of them. I love the fact that these heels have just enough thickness and that the light coloured sole runs up around the shoe to protect it.

Here are some comparisons of this shoe (on the left foot) against some of my other boots to show you what a difference your legs can look from the cut of the boots that you choose.

Boots 4

So the lefthand picture shows a Topshop boots on my right leg. These were the best I found until I got this new pair, but what’s the difference? Note the leather isn’t as flattering on my pasty legs as the suede, they have a round toe and make my feet look a lot bigger.

The right photo is of a River Island boot on the right foot. I found these in the Christmas sale for $50 and thought they looked perfect. That’s the problem with buying online is it’s a big gamble. These are the classic chelsea boot, are suede and have a good amount of narrowness on the foot yet the are too long on the leg making my legs look are short and not flattering in the slightest.

Boots 7


The left hand picture  – these are Topshop boots that have a low heel and are patent. Unfortunately with the high cut to them they are probably the least flattering of them all although they have a good pointy toe!

The picture on the right is also of another Topshop pair yet they are cut too high for my leg, have a round toe and the print is beyond not flattering to my skin colour at all!

Here’s some inspiration to shop similar unless you live in Sydney then head to Kangui in World Square (next to SuperDry) to purchase these boots $139 – although I got 2 pairs for $213 after a bit of negotiating!). I’ve tried to find boots that have the slope cut at the ankle, suede and pointed narrow boots.



1. Top Left – US $139 from Yoox

2. Bottom Left – $149 from Yoox 

3. Middle – £595 from Rupert Sanderson

4. Right image – $198 from ASOS

Have you found any boots that are your pride and joy that fit perfectly? Let me know in the comments below!

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4 Tips to Buying The Perfect Black Ankle Boots
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